Unite the youths of the community all over Africa under one banner for the realization of greater and effective participation and involvement in all spheres of religious, communal and secular life.


The Africa Youth Network (AYN) in collaboration with the Africa Federation Capacity Building Group (CBG) organized the first Youth Leadership Development Programme (YDP) held in Africa on the 27th and 28th February 2016, in Nairobi, Kenya.  A total of 21 youths from Arusha and Nairobi attended the session.

The aim of the development workshop was to allow participants to understand themselves better, unlock their potential to serve the community, to realize their own leadership styles and enhance and evolve their skills.

A trusting, supportive and confidential environment was created within the program to ensure full exploration and awareness of self and the current state of each individual participant in their leadership journey.  

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Below is an important message and a very interesting read for all the youth in our community, especially for those who are socially active university students. Please take some time out to read this beautiful advice from our Marjae because the future of the community depends on the youth of today.
Aliraza Sumar
Hon. Secretary AYN

I would like advise the dear youth – for whom I am just as concerned as I am for myself and my own family – with eight recommendations that lead to complete felicity in this life and the next, and sum up the revelations of Allah, the Glorified, to His creation, the admonitions of the sages and righteous ones among His servants, as well as what I have learnt by means of personal experience and discovered through study.

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Student Orientation Program

The Africa Federation Africa Youth Network in collaboration with the AFED Education Board, AFED Tabligh Board (SAP Team) organized ‘Student Orientation Program’ at the KSI Jamaat  Gents Imambargha in Dar es Salaam on Saturday, 1st & Sunday, 2nd August 2015.

This program was primarily aimed at preparing the prospective students from our Member Jamaats in Africa for higher education and equipping them with relevant information about the various experiences and challenges that they may encounter in the pursuit for higher education (whether locally or abroad). The program was attended by 50 community youths (girls and boys) from Member Jamaats, namely – Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Mombasa, Arusha & Tanga. Sadly to state, youths from other Jamaats did not attend this important program.

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On 31st May 2015, Red Cross of Mombasa had their annual World Red Cross Luncheon Party for the orphans, disabled and special needs children. Children from different schools would travel long distances to attend this event. On this day, the Red Cross team aim is to make these children happy and enjoy the event. This year, Red Cross was also celebrating its 50 years of service. Furthermore, this event provide the children an opportunity to showcase their special talents and skills, it is one of the ways of creating awareness about their unique conditions as well as giving them a chance to network with, and see other children who need special care. Not only do the children learn a lot, and get motivational talks by people who are from similar backgrounds, who have achieved success in life is an asset for them but most of all, they find joy in this one special day, a time for physical and emotional change, which makes them extremely happy, they celebrate and enjoy with a variety of games, plenty of different types of snacks, sweets etc. At the end of the day, they go home with goodie bags and educational items. Perhaps this is normal for other kids but it is something very special for the vulnerable kids and it happens once every year at this event.

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The Africa Youth Network (AYN) is looking into launching a News Bulletin which will cover reports of the events of the youth from Jamaats and various Community Organizations in Africa and circulate them via the Africa Federation mailing list having a vast database.
A Bulletin is a form of news which becomes viral and informative for others to follow. This is an important tool of propagating towards the vision statement of AYN “Cultivating and strengthening youth networks to develop the youth for tomorrow: educated, socially aware and vibrant followers of the Ahlulbayt’’ We have come up with a medium of circulating knowledge and suitable information for the youth – by the youth and sharing the same within the community.

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