The Africa Youth Network (AYN) is looking into launching a News Bulletin which will cover reports of the events of the youth from Jamaats and various Community Organizations in Africa and circulate them via the Africa Federation mailing list having a vast database.
A Bulletin is a form of news which becomes viral and informative for others to follow. This is an important tool of propagating towards the vision statement of AYN “Cultivating and strengthening youth networks to develop the youth for tomorrow: educated, socially aware and vibrant followers of the Ahlulbayt’’ We have come up with a medium of circulating knowledge and suitable information for the youth – by the youth and sharing the same within the community.

In present times, information and sharing of it is vital and to demonstrate this, for others to gain and learn from them, youth should publicize their events so others may emulate them, also becomes a motivating factor to do the same.
This project will help create awareness regarding various projects organized by the youth in various Jamaats/Community Organizations among the Africa Federation.

Organize an event, Write a report and send it to the Board, The AYN Hon. Secretary shall have the discretion to edit the report as deemed appropriate for publication)
1.     Report should be not very long. (Maximum 2 pages )
2.     Should target the main aim achieved, what impact it brings etc. 
3.     Also attach a few photographs.

  • The Youth Body of a Constituent Jamaat – Plans the event, makes the report and sends it to the Jamaat Secreteriat, copying the heirachy as set by the Jamaat. 
  • The Jamaat Secreteriat approves the same and thereafter the report is sent to Br. Sohail Merchant – Head of the Project and AYN Committee Member.
  • The report is forwarded to the Hon. Secretary of AYN for final endorsement and forwarded to AFED Secretariat.

Project: Head
Br. Sohail Merchant – Integral part of AYN.
The Board requests all the Managing Committees of the Jamaats and also the youth bodies to support the bulletin and help the Board grow their youth database. All events in the Gents or Ladies should be covered and a report to be created. We would like to receive all reports starting from 15th of Shabaan.
Aliraza Sumar
Hon. Secretary AYN

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