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The Africa Federation Women's Board (A.F.W.B) in collaboration with the KSI Jamaat of Arusha held a session on "Health and Relationship" on Monday 16th September 2013. The Program was attended by the Board Chairperson Fatim bai Somji who was on a visit to Arusha.

The purpose of having this session was to share views from ladies of different walks of life within the Community.

The main topic discussed was "How different families cope with same issues in different ways".  This topic generated a lot of discussion amongst the ladies and solutions on how to handle issues was also presented.

Some ladies shared a few ideas that they had gained from other seminars they had attended previously which include the Marriage Seminar organized by the Africa Federation Tabligh Board and Africa Federation Youth Network and the BMTI test held by Africa Federation Capacity Building Group.

The following points were noted down to be looked into:

  1. Requirement of a Female gynecologist.
  2. Awareness on Breast and cervical Cancers.
  3. Annual Medical Checkups.
  4. Ladies Gym and Sports facility.
  5. Women Health issues especially hormonal imbalances.
  6. Pre Marriage seminars.
  7. Educating adolescents on sexual relationships and hygiene.
  8. Seminars on "Knowing Oneself".

The Session provided a platform for ladies to interact and discuss various issues relating to women and how they could help each other.   A network was started where the ladies would share health related information like recipes, health tips and other useful tips are helpful in the day-to-day life.

The Session was fruitful and it was felt that more such sessions would help ladies come up with solutions through discussions and sharing of ideas.

The Women Board would like to take this opportunity to recommend to Jamaats in Africa to organize such sessions for the ladies at least once every three months and inform the Board of any assistance they may require.

The Board thanks the Managing Committee of Arusha Jamaat for facilitating this program and for all the assistance and arrangements made.

Thanks to all participants for their valuable contributions at the Forum.

Africa Federation Women's Board (AFWB)

Africa Federation Women's Board & Africa Youth Network
in association with the Youth Affairs Committee of KSI DSM Jamaat


"Purposeful Speaking Session"

The objective of this program is to allow the participants to conquer the fear of speaking in public and improve the speech writing skills of the female youths within the community.

The Youth Affairs Committee is accepting applications to participate in the session. The details for participation are as follows:

Age: Between 25 – 40 years (female)

Dates: Saturday, 29th June 2013 and Sunday, 30th June 2013

Number of Participants: 20 (females only)

Participation Fee: 20,000/= per participant

Venue: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Facilitator: Br. Mujtaba Peera from Mombasa (Secretary of AYN)

Due to the limited opportunities available and the staggering numbers of capable youths within the community, the Youth Affairs Committee will select the participants based on certain criteria.

For more information regarding applications and the event, please send an email to secretary@youths-ksijdar.org or contact 0713 032 293 expressing your interest in participation.

Use this opportunity to become an effective public speaker for yourself and for the community!

Deadline: Friday, 21st June 2013



Organized by: The Africa Federation Women's Board:

On:                 Saturday     - 26th January 2013      - 03.00 pm - 06.00 pm
                       Sunday        - 27th January 2013      - 10.00 am - 04.00 pm

Venue:          KSI Jamaat, Ladies Imambargha (Dar-Es-Salaam), 2nd floor.

The health fair will facilitate the following:

  • Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening.
  • Physiotherapy demonstration and consultation.
  • Chinese traditional medicine (Acupuncture) treating chronic diseases.
  • Acupressure demonstration and individual therapy.
  • Workshops on: Depression, Healthy Family planning, Infertility, the importance about physical health, nutrition and many other issues to be addressed.
  • Hayaat Gym facilities and Spa facilities available.
  • Awareness/counselling on: Cervical cancer, Breast cancer, Pregnancy care, Healthy Eating and many more.
  • Healthy Food stalls facilities will be available throughout the fair.


For more information contact the Board on: women@africafederation.org


In line with one of the aims of the Womens' Board which is to provide Islamic and professional insight into child development, behavioral needs and inform mothers of the different approaches to child nurturing in the modern context, the Board organized a talk on MIND SHIFT on Friday 7th December 2012 at the Mehfile Abbas, Dar-es-Salaam.

The talk was addressed by the visiting Zakira Kanize Zainab Lakadawala from Mumbai, India and the topic was "How to bridge the Generation Gap". About 400 ladies attended this enlightening talk.

The ladies found the presentation quite interesting and beneficial as it related to the day-to-day practical life and child upbringing in this era.

Zakira Kanize Zainab talk was focused on the following points:

  • Live in the present.
  • Compromise and Sacrifice is what life is all about.
  • Try to be in line with your children.
  • When you speak, make sure your speech holds value for your children.
  • Home environment should always be pleasant and it is in the hands of a woman to ensure that takes place.
  • Women have the most powerful weapon – The Brain.
  • Never ever compare your children.
  • Change is very important therefore we have to change, however, change does not mean compromising the Islamic Values.
  • Do not make mountains out of mole hills.
  • Be mentally happy and you will always be happy. Positive thinking is the key word.


SECRETARIAT - Women Board of The Africa Federation

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