Winning Essay and Quiz Questions from the AFED Women's Board Essay and Quiz Competition held in celebration of the Wiladah of the Lady of Light Bibi Fatimah Zahra (AS).


Winning Essay - Sister Masuma Habib of Nairobi Jamaat

1st Runner up Essay - Sister Rehana Zuher Jetha of Bujumbura Jamaat


Below are the questions from the 24 Hours Online Quiz Competition.

Please follow ALL instructions carefully; failure to do so will be peanlized from answering that question. (it will be marked wrong).


1)  The Land of Fadak was ........... to the Holy Prophet (s)

      (a) Gifted      (b) War booty      (c) Both a & b

2)  When did the Nikaah of Imam Ali (‘a) and Bibi Fatimah (‘a) take place?

     (a)  1st Dhilhijjah 2 AH

     (b)  18th st Dhilhijjah 1 AH

     (c)   24th Dhilhijjah  5 AH

3)   After the occurrence of which incident did the Holy Prophet (s) say this to Bibi Fatimah (‘a); “I bear witness that you are a part of me.”

      (a) When she gave her wedding dress away

      (b) When she veiled herself from a blind man

      (c) When she gave her Iftaar away to a traveler

4) The khutba mentions the state of those who, in the past, were on the verge of annihilation and thus saved referring to surah and verse ………..........................

      (a) 52:18       (b) 64:16      (c) 3:103

5)  A concise and complete crash course of Islamic studies is found in the:

      (a) History of Bibi Fatimah (‘a)  (b) Hadithe Kisaa   (c) Khutba of Fadaq

6)  The sermon gives strong emphasis with several benefits on  …….. (best answer)

        (a) The Prophet’s (s) teachings of the straight path

        (b) The study of the Holy Book

        (c) The praise and eulogy of God

7)  Despite proving with Qur’anic verses as evidence, her rights on ........ were still denied. 

     (a) On the wilayah of Imam Ali (‘a)

     (b) On her inheritance given by the Holy Prophet (s)

     (c) Both a and b

8)  The Khutbah of Fadak is all about…

      (a) The atrocities and injustice upon Bibi Fatimah (‘a)

      (b) The praise of God and introduction of His Prophet and His Wali

      (c)  The teachings that is a guidance for the Ummah to-date.

9)  Fadak was presented to the Holy Prophet (s) by the .........

      (a) Muslims of Madinah    (b) Kuffar of Madinah   (c) Jews

10)  How many verses are there in Khutba of Fadakiyyah?

        (a) More than 20 verses   (b) 20 verses   (c) Over 30 verses

11)  Bibi Fatimah (‘a) addresses the Ansar - do whatever you can you will find us amongst the patient ones quoting surah and verse 

       (a) 6:135   (b) 19:75, 76   (c) 11:121, 122

12)  Bibi Fatimah (‘a) is buried ……….

       (a) in Jannatul Baqi      (b) not known         (c) near the Holy Prophet (s) 

13) The two women who were included in the charity giving referred to in Surah Dahr.

        (a)  Bibi Fatimah (‘a) & Umme Ayman 

        (b)  Bibi Fatimah (‘a) & Bibi Fizza

        (c)  Bibi Fatimah (‘a) & Umme Salma

14)  ‘It is the better for women not to see those men who are not their close relatives and not be seen by those men unless it is necessary’. this hadith by Bibi Fatimah (‘a) is mentioned in;

       (a)  Kanzol Amal      (b) Ihtijaj Tabrasi        (c)  Bihar ul Anwar  

15)  Bibi Fatimah (‘a)’s sermons, poems and sayings show us the strength of her (best answer)

       (a) knowledge       (b) Eloquence       (c) character and nobility of mind        

16)  Bibi Fatimah (‘a) reminds the ummah of the personality of her beloved father (s) with the verse … of surah ..

       (a) 33:41     (b) 33:22           (c)  9:128

17)  In which battle did Bibi Fatimah (‘a) play the role of a nurse tending to her father’s wounds?

        (a)  Battle of Ohad    (b) Battle of Khaiber     (c) Battle of Ahzab

18)  The famous Du’a taught to us by Bibi Fatimah (‘a) which brings down fever is

        (a) Du’a Mashlool      (b)  Du’a Noor       (c)  Du’a Yatasheer

19) The sermon talks about the qualities of those who strive hard on His path in surah and verse ………………

       (a) 5:54        (b) 3:114         (c)  9:41

20)  Bibi Fatimah (‘a) quotes the ‘Bani Qileh’ in her sermon. Who are they? From the tribe of…

        (a)  Banu Qunaiqa     (b)  Banu Nadhir      (c)   Aus and Khazraj

21)  Name the Imam to whom the garden of Fadak was returned during the reign of  Umar ibn Abdul Aziz?

        (a)  Imam Mohammad Baqir (‘a)        

        (b)  Imam Ja’far Sadiq (‘a)            

        (c) Imam Musa Al Kadhim (‘a)

22)  Criticizing the treachery of the people present, Bibi Fatimah (‘a) pointes out their vice and its end result quoting from surah and verse ……………..

       (a) 9:49             (b) 8:58               (c) 5:13

23)  ‘MUHADDITHAH’ is among the tiles of Bibi Fatema (‘a). What does it mean?

        (a) one who receives divine inspiration

        (b) one who talks to angels  

        (c) one who transmits hadith

24)  Bibi Fatimah (‘a)is called ……………… in the heavens

       (a) Zakiyyah       (b) Radhiya          (c) Mansura

25)  Who is reported to have said the following; : “The Messenger of God married me and entrusted me with the upbringing and training of his daughter. But, I swear by God that I found her more courteous than me and more knowledgeable in every affair."

      (a) Ayesha       (b) Umm Salama         (c) Maria the coptic

26)  The land of Fadak was given to the Holy Prophet (s) following which battle: 

        (a) Battle of Khandaq      (b) Battle of Khayber    (c) Battle of Badr

27)  Bibi Fatimah (‘a) life is a way forward in ……….   (best answer)

        (a) Islamic thought         (b) Role of the woman      (c)  Modesty

28)  Name the Sura from which verses talk about the fast of the Family of Bibi Fatimah(‘a)

       (a) Sura Kawthar      (b)  Sura Dahr          (c)   Sura Qadr

29)  One of the titles of Bibi Fatimah (‘a) is Tahera; to which verse does it relate to 

        (a) 76:8          (b) 33:33             (c) 108:1

30)  Imam Redha (‘a) relates that Bibi was given the name ‘Fatimah’ (‘a) because :

       (a)  She is the most modest one of all the women of Paradise

       (b)  Her light shines in the Heavens

       (c)  She is safe-guarded from the fire

31)  Name the Author and the book in which the Holy Prophet (s) is reported to have said; "Mary, daughter of A?mran, is the leader of the women of this world, my daughter Fatimah is the leader of the women of all the worlds."

        (a) Allama Majlisi in Biharul Anwar

         (b) Shaikh Kulayni in Al-Kafi

         (c) Sheikh Tusi in Al-Istibsar

32)  Bibi Fatimah (‘a)’s eloquent speech  …………… the Arabs 

       (a) Challenged       (b) Advised           (c) both a & B

33)  Amongst many other lessons we also learn…. from Bibi (‘a)

      (a) The Art of worship and devotion        (b)  Spirituality       (c)  Both a and b

34) From the life of Bibi Fatimah (‘a) we learn that one's true worth and high status comes (best answer)

        (a) By serving and submitting to God

        (b) By seeking guidance from the Quran

        (c) By following the principles of Islam

35)   Bibi Fatimah (‘a) nursed her father’s wounds and the title that given to her for it is;

       (a) Umul Masaeb      (b) Ummul Aimmah      (c) Umme Abeeha

36)  In reference to Imam Mahdi (a); as related by Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a) that in the Book compiled by Bibi Fatimah (‘a); it has been stated ‘there are 3 signs in the one who is going to rise’ similar to 4 Prophets. Name the Prophets 

          (a) Ibrahim, Dawood, Musa, Isa
          (b) Musa, Isa, Nuh and Khidhr.
          (c) Ilyaas, Idrees, Khidr, Isa

37) Name the book in which Bibi Fatimah(‘a) preserved the hadith of the Holy Prophet(s)

         (a) Saheefa Alawiya         (b) Mushaf of Fatimah      (c) Saheefa Kamila

38) In whose home did the event of Kisaa take place?

     (a) Umm Ayman        (b) Ummul Baneen        (c)  Umm Salama

39)  The central theme of the sermon of Fadakiyyah is : 

        (a)  Prophet hood          (b)  Tawheed         (c)  Furu e din

40)Bibi Fatimah (‘a)’s light used to shine in the heavens. Give the name attributed to her of the same.                     

      (a)  Raadhiya       (b)   Naqiyyah      (c) Zahra


View the attached link - Who is the Imam of Fatema (‘a)?  ;

41) What is the message for us in reference to Imam Zamana (a’) .

42)  Where was the ‘House of Grief’ located? …………………………………      

43)  Bibi Fatimah (‘a) is our role model and what lesson do we draw from the following statement ;                    

44)  As per the custom in the olden days, children would be nursed by wet nurses and not their mothers. Who was Bibi Fatimah (‘a) nursed by?

View the attached clip of Sheikh Alidina

45) What is the fundamental message for spouses to always remember in relation to how we treat their respective spouse:

46)  Which great great grand daughter of Bibi Fatimah(‘a) is known as Karima Ahlulbayt (a)?

47)  Bibi Fatimah (‘a) says; a good gift to give a Mu’min is

48)  Who said the following for Bibi Fatimah (a); “ “The very existence of Lady Fatimah (‘a), with her skills of eloquence, along with her political and social expertise, in addition to her powerful foresight; demonstrates how a Muslim woman can attain high spirituality and mystical positions at a young age.”

View the attached clip of Brother Hasanain Rajabali

(49) What  is the fundamental quality seen in Bibi Fatimah (‘a) in the light of her being our role model -

50)  Why is Bibi Fatimah (‘a) also known to be called ‘Hawrah”


Mention the 5 qualities of the Qur’an that is beautifully summarized in the sermon of Bibi Fatimah (‘a) .

In the Khutbah of Fadakiyyah, referring to a particular verse of the Qur’an, Bibi Fatimah (‘a) mentions 5 qualities of Imam ‘Ali (a).  Give the surah and verse and state the qualities


62)  Give 2 instances of how Bibi Fatimah (‘a), in such a short span of time managed to preserve the knowledge of the Holy Prophet (s)

63)  Give 2 instances from Bibi Fatimah (‘a)'s life that shows that she was a political activist

64) Why did the Holy Prophet (s) every morning on his way to the Mosque, send salaams and peace as he passed by Bibi Fatimah (‘a)'s house

65) When the women of Medina came to visit her at her sick-bed, Fatimah al Zahra (‘a) gave a heart rendering sermon to them. What was the Axial point of this sermon. Write the 2 issues in one statement each

66) Write the reply on the advises given by the Holy Prophet (s) to his daughter Fatimah (a) as not to sleep before: 

      (a) she had read the whole Qur’an,

      (b) asked the Prophets to be her mediators,

      (c) satisfied the believers and

      (d) performed Hajj and Umra.

67) Name the ‘FAWATIM’ who were escorted by Imam Ali (‘a) to Medina as per the instructions of the Holy Prophet (s). 

68) Give the names of any 2  books and volume number from the Ahle Sunnah in which the following has been said;  “Fatimah is a part of me; thus anyone who hurts her has in fact hurt me and anyone who pleases her has pleased me.”

69)  In Surah Nur Verse No. 30, there are commands for both the believing men and believing women (0n hijab). (for men and women):

70)  In Surah Ahzab Verse No. 59:  the verse says:  “O Prophet! Say to your wives, your daughters, and the women of the believers that: they should let down upon themselves their jalabib.”

What does Jalabib mean?   ……………………….  

71)  For a female, in which category does a brother-in-law or a male cousin fall under the rules of Hijab?

View the attached clip : Hijab for Sisters: The right and wrong styles by Sheikh Zaid Alsalami

72)  List down the criteria for CORRECT HIJAB

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