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Africa Federation Women Board (AFWB) Organizes 24 Hours Online Quiz and Essay Writing on the auspicious occasion of the Birth Anniversary of the Holy Lady Fatimah (SA).

Family life plays a critical role in human civilization. It is a small world in that we are born, nurtured and brought up predominantly within our families. Family ideals and traditions naturally leave an everlasting impression influencing our character and habits. These factors, almost always taken for granted, are in essence strongly responsible for our behaviors and developments.

The Holy Qur’an has laid immense weight on family life; touching on the minutest aspects (for guidance) in the most elaborate form.
The Africa Federation Women’s Board (A.F.W.B) held an essay and quiz competition to celebrate the birth anniversary (wiladah) of Janabe Fatimah az Zahra (SA). The Objective of the Quiz was: To educate women on the Islamic viewpoint of family ethics, to inculcate morals and spiritual values that form part of relationships between family members, and also to give an insight into the Life of our Role Models especially the Lady of Light, Hazrat Fatima az Zahra (SA), daughter of the Holy Prophet of Islam (SAWW).

This competition was held in celebration of the wiladah of the Lady of Light Janabe Fatimah Zahra (SA). The essay competition was launched on the wiladah of Bibi Zainab (SA) on 20th February 2016 and submission was done on the wiladah of Lady Fatimah (SA) on 30th March 2016. The competition was open for ladies aged 30 years and above. The aim of the competition was to involve all the ladies of our community to discuss their understanding of the subject matter. The competition attracted 45 ladies from different Jamaats i.e. Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Arusha, Moshi, Nairobi, Mombasa and Burundi. Ladies have put in a lot of efforts in compiling the essays with references from the Holy Qur’an and Aahadith. Essays were to be submitted in either Gujarati or English language to accommodate majority of the members.
The 24-hour online quiz opened on the night of the Wiladah of Lady Fatimah (SA) on 29th March 6.00 p.m. and closed on 30th March 6.00 p.m.  A challenging and thought-provoking quiz attracted 224 participants from different Jamaats, Masha’allah.
The best essay and winning quiz winners will be awarded a ticket to Ziyarat of Iraq during the Ashura commemoration of 2016. The runners up will also be awarded with tokens. Announcement for both winners will be done on the Wiladah on Imam Ali (AS) on 13th Rajab 1437.
The Africa Federation Womens’ Board would like to thank all the participants for making this competition a memorable one for partaking in it. We hope that you will keep up the same spirit in our other programs. Our heartiest appreciation goes to those who have assisted in making of the quiz and essay questions. May Allah (SWT) give them more strength and tawfeeqat to continue the excellent services that they are rendering to the community, Ameen.
I would also like to thank the representatives of the women’s board from all the Jamaats. We very much appreciate your kind gestured services towards the Board. Special thanks go to the Africa Federation Secretariat in assisting with all the services.
Fatim Sadick Somji
Chairperson – AFED Women’s Board

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