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The Africa Federation Women Board (AFWB) has organized an Essay and Quiz Competition for ladies of the community on Lady Fatima (S.A.) to coincide with the month when we commemorate her Martyrdom and celebrate her Birth Anniversary.
The Objective of the Essay and Quiz is to: To educate women on the Islamic viewpoint of family ethics, to inculcate morals and spiritual values that oversee relationships between family members and to give an Islamic insight into the Life of Our Role Models like the Lady of Light, Hazrat Fatma (SA) bint Muhammad al Mustafa (SAWW).

Age Group: 

  • The Quiz is open for Ladies 20 years and above
  • The Essay is open for Ladies 45 years and above

Requirements for Essay:

  1. The Essay should consist of 1000 – 1500 words.
  2. One entry per family.
  3. It can be written in either English or Gujarati.
  4. It can be typed or hand- written in clear writing.
  5. Quranic Verses and Ahadith will carry Bonus marks.
  6. Incidences from the life of the Holy Lady (S.A.) can be quoted.
  7. Abbreviations or short way of writing will not be accepted (e.g.: u for YOU, r for ARE, Etc.)
  8. Copy pasting from sites and articles related will render the essay to be disqualified.
  9. References should be appendixed.
  10. Answers can be written on a different sheet of paper when there is not enough space on the question paper.
  11. One entry per family.
  12. Participants are requested not to share their answers with others.
  13. Questions can be answered in either English or Gujarati.

Requirements for Quiz

All Participants are to submit their entries to their respective Jamaat by the deadline specified below.
Commencement: Wiladat of Bibi Zainab (S.A.) - 5th Jamadi-ul-Aakhar 1436 – 25th February 2015
Deadline: Wiladat of Bibi Fatima (S.A.) – 20th Jamadi-ul-Aakhar 1436 – 10th April 2015.
Results: Wiladat of Imam Ali (A.S.) – 13th Rajab 1436 – 1st May 2015
First Prize: A Ticket to Iraq during Arbaeen - 1437 A.H. for each winner.
                   All participants will receive Certificates of Participation.
Attached is the Poster for the Competition.
Aunali Khalfan
Hon Secretary

AFWB Essay and Quiz Competition Poster (JPEG, 152KB)

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