AFTAB in conjunction with Nairobi SAAJ organised seminars on the 13th, 14th and 15th of September 2013 at the Imambargha of the Nairobi Jaffery Islamic Centre. The seminars held were on the following modules:

1) In laws Workshop

2) Parents of Teens Workshop

3) Recently married couples workshop

The Marriage Workshop had been previously held in Nairobi in 2011 and had received excellent reviews from participants. In laws and Parents of teens workshops were first timers in Nairobi.

All the three seminars were generally quite interactive and discursive with a fair amount of self discovery and self reflection. All the workshops were facilitated by Abbas Merali.

1) In laws workshop

This seminar was attended by 43 participants. Over a span of almost three hours, key areas that were examined included:

  • Issues faced by the newlywed couple and what parents/in laws can do to avoid these problems so as to achieve a harmonious relationship between the newlywed couple and the in laws/ parents.
  • Three principals that every in law should know.
  • Concerns raised by the participants were:
  1. Moulding the daughter in law to the customs and traditions of the new household. This was debated very critically.
  2. The sensitive issue of living together or separate from children.
  3. Importance of letting your child be an adult allowing them to make their own mistakes.


"This workshop was fantastic, it made me realise all the wrongs that I am unconsciously doing. It is time to make those wrongs right."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar, more so I appreciated hearing the male opinion from the audience as we do not usually get to hear their version. I really wish there was more time to be able to incorporate more issues and advice. We need to see more of these kinds of seminars."

2) Parents with Teens workshop

Day two was attended by parents with teens and young children. It was a 6 hour session and was attended by 41 participants.


The 7-7-7 hadith was discussed. Then the session was halved into two;

THE FIRST HALF examined the importance of a good home environment on nurturing successful young adults and how this can be achieved. In this part of the session a primary point highlighted was the importance of loving and respecting yourself so that you can translate that to genuinely respecting and caring for the mother/ father of your child.

In addition the wheel of life and communicating love via the five love languages were examined. This was done through interaction between the facilitator and participants, most answers were discovered by the participants themselves.

THE SECOND HALF of the seminar tackled challenges the children face in today's world especially during the transition to adulthood and how parents can ease that transition.

During this time in particular, group discussions took place and conclusions were drawn that principles such as respect, listening, understanding, support, responsibility and independence would be appropriate to use while approaching young adults. Abbas further dissected each principal and stressed the importance of each.

The session was concluded by all the participants writing a letter to their spouses and their children appreciating three qualities that they really respect in each of them. This was a very intense part of the seminar as both the writers and recipients of the letters opened up, expressed and appreciated emotions that are surfaced neither easily nor often enough.


"The climax of the whole day was writing the letter to my spouse and family. I had no idea about the tornado of emotions that were buried deep within that really needed an outlet for myself and my spouse. Thank you for making us do that."

"The concept of sharing experiences shed some light on potential challenges that I may anticipate with my children."

3) Recently married workshop

The 28 participants who attended this workshop were a blend of engaged couples and couples married between 0-7 years.

The aim of the seminar was to cover three main key areas:

  • The emotional change cycle
  • The five love languages
  • Tips on how to keep the buzz alive.

The workshop was very interactive and had quite a few group discussions.

The three principals covered were respect, love and peace. Focus was on acknowledging how change can affect emotions daily. Understanding the different approaches that people use to express love and appreciation using certain love languages was also outlined.

A letter was written to each spouse appreciating three qualities about each other. This had a huge impact on both the writer and recipient.

Sexual etiquette was also addressed during a 'break out' in a gender segregated session.


"Before attending this workshop I thought it was going to be a long day, however at the end of it I feel a day was not enough to cover such a vast and deep topic, felt that I could have achieved more had there been more time."

"This workshop was a great platform to air out our opinions and questions. We got to know what other couples go through as well and could somehow relate."


We wish to thank the Nairobi (SAAJ) Jamaat, the organizing committee, volunteers and the participants of the Seminar. Our sincere gratitude go to Br. Abbas Merali for felicitating the Seminars.

We wish to once again thank Br. Abbas Merali for facilitating the Workshop.

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