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“And indeed We have made the Qur’an easy for direction and guidance, but is there anyone who will take advice?”
[Holy Qur’an, Al-Qamar (The Moon) Surah  54 Ayah 17]

The Africa Federation 11th Qur’an Competition, which is an annual event of the Africa Federation Tabligh Board (AFTAB) will lnsha’alIah be held in Mwanza, Tanzania from 14th to 16th August 2015 (28th to 30th Shawaal 1436 AH).
All Jamaats, including Jamaats under the Conseil Regional Des KSI Jamates De L’ocean Indien of Madagascar and Union Des Associations Khodjas Shia Isnashri De La Reunion are invited to nominate two participants for each of the Categories which will form the Competition.
We look forward to all Jamaats under AFED to participate in this important event. Madressah teachers and parents should encourage the children to start preparing for the Competition from now in order to build full confidence and for better understanding. Those Jamaats who have not participated in the past events of the Qur’an Competitions are particularly requested to ensure they do this time.
The Africa Federation Tabligh Board (AFTAB) will send out the full details of the Competition to all Jamaats in due course.
The Africa Federation Secretariat and the Tabligh Board (AFTAB) are grateful to the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Mwanza for kindly hosting the 11th Qur’an Competition in Mwanza.
Aunali Khalfan
Hon Secretary

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