Following the visit by AFED Chairman Alhaj Shabir bhai Najafi and other Office Bearers to Madagascar in December 2016 to attend the Inauguration of the newly elected Chairman of Conseil Regional of Madagascar (CROI) Alhaj Sheikh Haniphe Akbaraly, AFED Chairman explained his vision for the current term of 2016-2019. This includes women empowerment, Higher Education and Affordable Housing for the Community. He explained that the objective is to build at least 200 units during the current term. The housing needs have been identified in Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Mombasa and Antananarivo where our main population centres are and the challenges faced by the Community due to exorbitant rents being charged by the Landlords.
Shabir Bhai informed CROI management that the World Federation is aligned with the AFED vision and we shall work with CROI, partnering to build at least 50 units in Antananarivo for the first time middle income buyers.
In the meanwhile, AFED is pleased and appreciates a donation of a plot of approximately 1000 sq. m by Alhaj Navazaly bhai Molu for the Housing Project, where AFED jointly with the World Federation, CROI and other donors intends to construct a building of 50 flats.

AFED Housing Board Chairman Alhaj Akil Hirji made a 3-day visit from 9th February 2017 to Antananarivo Jamaat, to assess the housing needs of the community and prepare the ground for the project to start. During his visit, he met the Executive Committee of CROI and also met the Office Bearers of the Antananarivo KSI Jamaat.

There is obviously a need for housing in various Jamaats in Madagascar. The KSI population in 14 Jamaats of Madagascar totals to approximately 5000 members out of which 2500 are from Antananarivo Jamaat only, being the largest Jamaat.

In a pre-visit survey of the housing needs, almost 300 survey forms have been filled and returned back by the members of the Antananarivo Jamaat only, showing strong desire and demand for the housing.

During the visit Akil bhai visited the Jamaat owned Sistani Residence – a residential property that caters for 35 families. Besides this, the Jamaat also owns other 37apartments which cater for members at a subsidized rent.

Akilbhai who was accompanied by the Chairman of Conseil Regional, Alhaj Sheikh Haniphe and the Housing Board members from Madagascar, Alhaj Kasimbhai Loukbhai and Alhaj Anisbhai Nurmohammed visited the plot that belongs to the Regional Council. The plot is at Ivandary area measuring approximately 1000 sq. m is located in prime residential area. 

During the same visit, the AFED Housing Board Chairman and the Housing Board members met five locally based contractors both from the community and outside to discuss the planning, design and estimates of the cost of the housing project.

Akilbhai and his board members also met with Antananarivo Jamaat Office Bearers which included the President Alhaj Mounisse Raza Fidahoussen, Hon. Secretary, Alhaj Shahid Alimohamed and the Hon. Treasurer, Alhaj Riyaz Dhanji. Several issues pertaining to housing were discussed.

The Housing Board Chairman Akilbhai also addressed the Jamaat members during the Shahadat of Sayeddah Bibi Fatema Zahra (SA) where he delivered the message from the AFED Chairman, Alhaj Shabir Najafi and explained the purpose of his visit to Antananarivo.

A one to one session for ladies and gents was also arranged by Conseil Regional and Antananarivo Jamaat. This was to expedite more information on the housing and get further insight from the members regarding their housing needs so as to design the housing scheme accordingly.

Akilbhai also visited the Husseini Madressah Building that consists of 25 classrooms and caters 550 students and later met various donors and appealed for their support especially through donating plots or funds, the responses received were quite positive.

The AFED Housing Board Chairman has appointed 3 additional members to join the Housing Board which includes Navazaly bhai Molou (AFED Nominated Councillor), Kassim Loukbhai and Anisbhai Nurmohammed. The Board with the support from Conseil Regional have now been assigned to complete the Phase 1 of the project which includes planning, drawings, costing and building permits and expected to be completed by end of April 2017.

Inshallah, Phase 2 which is the construction of the housing block is expected to start around 28th June 2017.

The Housing Board Chairman would like to convey his sincere appreciation to the Chairman of Conseil Regional Alhaj Sheikh Haniphe along with the Managing Committee of Antananarivo Jamaat and the Jamaat Members for the warm welcome and wonderful hospitality extended to him during his visit.
Economic and Housing Development Board 

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