This is going to be a series of Ten presentations teaching the basics of First Aid and addressing some common Emergencies that you may encounter in your daily life and therefore be prepared if the time arises. A few words before we do begin the tutorial.


First Aid is the First and Basic help given to a casualty. First aid is not an exact science and is open to human error. Even with appropriate treatment and however hard you may try, some casualty may not respond as you may have hoped. Some conditions are inevitably fatal even with the best medical help. If you do your best, your conscience can be clear. One does not need expensive equipment or expertise training. Anyone can save a Life.


The First aider’s responsibilities are clearly defined. They are;

  • To assess a situation quickly and clearly and summon help.
  • To protect casualty and bystanders from possible danger.
  • To abide by the golden rule “First do no harm” to the casualty.
  • To ensure that he himself does not get injured or infected.

Please note that over the course of the following weeks the First Aid tutorial that you will learn will be helpful and may even help save a life, but it is still NOT a replacement for practical First Aid Classes taught by a registered person.

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