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Diabetes is a growing health concern around the world and our community is no different. However, with the correct management Diabetes can be controlled and its effects on health can be suppressed leading to a good quality of life despite having Diabetes.

The Central Health Board (CHB) of Africa Federation in collaboration with Arusha Jamaat and Sis. Tahera Pardhan who is a Pharmacist currently practicing in Arusha organized a ‘Diabetes Workshop’ to promote better understanding and effective management of Diabetes. The target audience was those who are both suffering from Diabetes and those family members and close ones who are caring for someone suffering from Diabetes.

The workshop was held on Saturday, 9th May 2015 from 9 am to 4 pm and was attended by 10 ladies. It was facilitated by Sis. Tahera Pardhan and Sis. Mehdiya Manji, a medical student.
The workshop was divided into four main parts:

  1. Basic Understanding of Diabetes
  2. Nutrition & Exercise
  3. Different Tests involved in Diabetes
  4. Diabetes and its complications

The workshop was designed to include a number of activities in order to provide better understanding by the participants. The participants were also given workbooks with the activities and other facts about Diabetes that they could be used as reference. The Workbooks provided by CHB was designed by Sis. Tahera Pardhan.

Feedback received from the participants indicated that the workshop was well received. The participants urged for increased organization of such workshops especially for the youths in order to promote good health from a young age.

CHB would like to thank Sis. Tahera Pardhan for her efforts to bring this event to fruition. We would also like to thank the Arusha Jamaat for hosting the first of such kind of a workshop. The Board intends to organize more of such workshops in other Jamaats in the near future.


“Community’s health – CHB’s priority”

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