To work towards the development of a comprehensive policy embracing all academic Education requirements of the member Jamaats, develop comprehensive educational policy to cater for the member Jamaats present and future requirements and ensure harmonization of the activities and effective operation of the constituent elements of the education board and establish necessary communication, coordination and liaison with appropriate institutions worldwide.

Ref: EBS/Flash/05/2013


Essential Pre-Departure Briefing
For Students Heading Abroad

The Africa Youth Network in collaboration with the AFED Education Board, and with the assistance and coordination with the AFED Capacity Building Group and the KSI Jamaat of Dar es Salaam, held a Pre-Departure Briefing (Workshop) for students heading for their first year of University. The two day conference which was held on Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th August 2013 at Delhi Darbar in Dar es Salaam, was specifically designed to equip students on the various challenges faced at University as they venture abroad to live within an environment that is a world away from home. While this journey can be extremely exciting for a student, there are pitfalls and obstacles to watch out for.

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Ref: BSA/2013                                                                                                      


The Brilliant Student Award is an annual Scholarship program introduced by Africa Federation from the year 2009, offering a onetime award of US $5,000 each towards Higher Education to two students (one boy and one girl) who have displayed a consistent record of academic excellence.

The Education Board received nominations from Dar es Salaam, Mombasa, Nairobi and Arusha. After close scrutiny on the set criteria of selection, we are pleased to announce the following as the winners of the Brilliant Student Award 2013:-


On behalf of the Africa Federation Education Board, we take this opportunity to congratulate the Winners for their outstanding achievement and we wish them every success as they continue with their academic pursuits. Our felicitations also to all the participants of this award. May Allah (s.w.t.) grant them success in their future endeavours, Ameen.

It is our hope that our community Brilliant students out there will make use of this golden opportunity and that more student applications from different Jamats are received next year.


The Africa Federation Higher Education Loan Application is to be completed in TWO STEPS:

Therse are the instructions for Loan Application Process.


Before completing your Loan Forms, you need to meet up with a Career Guidance Counsellor to discuss your study plans.

    We highly recommend that you do this as early as possible even before choosing place of study or career. This Form has to be completed by the Counsellor and submitted to EBS. Please fill out the form on-line. Print and sign at appropriate locations and submit.

     Career Assessment Form (1 Page)

STEP 2 (Loan Application)

Once you have met with the Career Guidance Counsellor, you can now proceed to complete Loan Application Forms as per below:-

Section A – Loan Terms and Conditions / Other required information

Section B – Recommendation by Applicants Local Jamaat

Section C – Combined Agreement and Promissory Note

Section A is a online fillable form. Please fill out the form on-line, print, sign at appropriate locations and submit.

Ref: EBS/Flash/05/2013


Exploring Unique Jobs in Health Sciences

A small group of new professionals who have just stepped into the era of their respective professions, envisioned to have a program in which they could motivate and inspire the younger generation of students and their parents to think in a different light while choosing their prospective future careers. These professionals themselves being in non-traditional health science fields chose to name the theme 'Go down a Different Path'.

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Ref: EBS/Flash/04/2013  



On July 7th 2013, the Africa Federation Education Board in collaboration with the Higher Education Council of the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Dar es Salaam held its first Higher Education Fair at the Tabligh Building in Dar es Salaam. The Fair was open to prospective University Students and parents.

The primary goal of this Fair was to provide latest information to the youths on various options for further education and develop, face-to-face relationships allowing students the opportunity to discuss specific degree programs, pick up prospectuses/other information, learn about scholarship opportunities and interact with the university students to get a flavor of what further education could be like.

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