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The Africa Federation Education Board has secured an apartment in Manipal named 'MASUMEEN ISLAMIC CENTRE'. The premise has been officially designated for various functions whereby our students in Manipal can congregate for religious and social/academic activities.

We wish to thank the AFED Office Bearers for their moral and financial support in establishing the Centre and special thanks to Alhaj Gulamraza H. Sheriff, the AFED Education Board Representative for Manipal & surrounding areas for his assistance.

For the efficient running of the Centre, several Committees have been formed to manage various activities being organized at the Centre; the Committees are made up of the students, both girls and boys who study at Manipal University.

The Centre held its first round of activities in the holy month of Ramadhan with the following programme that took place at the Centre, they were:

  • 5.30 pm (Qur'an Tafseer and lectures projected for an hour).
  • 7.00 pm (Adhan and Jamaat Namaaz of Maghribain followed by Iftaar.
  • 8.15 pm (Qur'an Darsa'a followed by recitation Duas of the holy month).


Apart from the Mahe Ramadhan activities, weekly programs have also been organized which include Dua Kumayl on Thursdays, followed by Majlis where every student gets a chance to give a brief talk on any issue related to theology or current affairs. Wafaat Majlises and Khushali programs will also be organized depending up on the conveniences of the students.

The Africa Federation Education Board extends its sincere gratitude to the AFED Education Board Representative – Alhaj Gulamraza Sheriff for the cooperation and assistance extended to us in forming the Student's Association. We also wish to thank all the students for their cooperation and involvement in establishing the Centre.

May the Almighty reward them all amply here and hereafter for their noble actions.


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