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One of the main objectives of the Education Board of the Africa Federation has been to support and promote strong cooperation between all institutions providing education in our community in Africa. AFED EB strongly believes that cooperation between schools and especially counselors will provide platform for informed decision making, sharing of best practices, and enhance economic value via collective procurement for common resources.

To achieve this goal, the Education Board is looking forward to the formation of network between AFED EB and the school counselors to work collectively bringing about the sharing of resources, exchange of ideas and exchange of human resource.

The Education Board has communicated the above plan officially with the school boards of Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Mombasa and Arusha, as well as introduced the EB career counselor, in order to establish effective communication links between the counselors and open the pathway to the formation of this network.


Nairobi Jaffery: Nairobi has been very prompt and keen in responding to this call and there has been a number of fruitful exchanges of ideas between their Career Counseling Department via their Head of School and the EB Career Counselor which has resulted in learning opportunities, awareness and sharing of ideas on: Available Careers Facilities, Available Materials, Making use of Visiting Students, Career Programme Internal Students/Teachers, Career Programme External Students/Teachers, Opportunities for Work experience, Percentage of Students to Different Universities Around the World.

Dsm AL-MIS: Similar efforts are in place in forming a counselor network with the Al Muntazir School in Dar es Salaam.

Mombasa Jaffery: During the Youth Education Festival for our community youths (15-25 yrs) held in Mombasa in December 2011, the EB Career Guidance Counselor (Fatim Sherali) had the opportunity to meet with Sukainabai Jafferali who is the counselor for Jaffery Academy for a number of years. AFED EB has requested the Jaffery Counselor to share the Frame-work that she uses as a Guideline based on her practical working experience with several schools in Mombasa. This will include what tests and materials she uses from stage one (Grade 7) to College/University preparation years (Grade 12, 'A' Level, Form IV), what has worked, what has needed to be changed.

Eventually the final standard framework will be prepared by AFED EB to be in place and used by our community schools of the Jamaats under Africa Federation.

The Education Board and Sister Fatima Sherali had a meeting with Brother Ali Asgher Sheriff in February this year to discuss the possibility of sending our students to some renowned universities in East Africa, to have online information about application requirements, pdf forms and links to those establishments.

Sister Fatima Sherali will be visiting the other schools in July/August 2012 to carry out UCAS Application Training and other agreed topics such as job shadowing.


EB_newsflash_mayOne of the main objectives of the Africa Federation Education Board is to facilitate adequate Career Guidance for our community students, ensuring that our students pursue the right course of their choice at the right University.

The Education Board has managed to secure Career Reference materials of different universities and their prospectus as well as other books related to Careers. The Career reference materials were officially handed over to the Youth Affairs in February 2012 and are now available for reference at the Babul Ilm Library.


The 6th issue of EB Newsletter 'SOARING HIGHER' was released in February 2012.

Download: EB Newsletter - Soaring Higher Issue No. 6 


The president of World Federation, Dr. Asgharali Moledina visited Al Mawaddat Centre in Malaysia on Tuesday 20th March 2012.

Mohammed Kumail, the chief coordinator of Al Mawaddat Centre gave a presentation which was followed by a speech by Dr. Moledina.

The community and especially the students were pleased to see him and had an opportunity to interact with him during the open session and for those who met him after the event.

Photos of the Tuesday evening programme including an article on Dr. Aliasgher Moledina's visit to Malaysia are available for viewing at the Al Mawaddat website (www.almawaddat.org).


The Africa Federation Education Board with the assistance of the World Federation invited two of our community students - Br. Sajjad Karamsi (of Nairobi Jamaat) and Sis. Sumaiyya Thawer (of Dar es Salaam Jamaat) to speak on Higher Education in South Africa during the 73rd Supreme Council Session held in Arusha from the 27th -29th April 2012. The information by both these students were well presented and we hope that more youths will look at South Africa as a destination for further education. Both the students are currently studying at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

An article on Higher Education in South Africa compiled by Br. Muhammad Saleh and team was handed out to all at the Supreme Council Session in Arusha, covering information on the University of Cape Town undergraduate and postgraduate studies, student life, a guide to financial costs including tuition, accommodation and living expenses; and general information about Cape Town.

A copy of the University of Cape Town undergraduate prospectus for the year 2013 was given to each Jamat due to limited copies available.

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