In Focus – Synergies and Career Counseling

In the present global arena there is a concerted momentum towards building synergies; A call for different organizations and institutions to come together and pool their experiences, personnel and other resources available in line with common objectives. This allows for better planning on the usage of various resources and for better strategies enriched with the different experiences and expertise.

In line with this theme the Education Board of Africa Federation recently facilitated several initiatives between the various community schools and education related bodies of the Jamaats.

Firstly, the Education Board facilitated the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Central Board of Education of KSIJ Dar es Salaam and Nairobi Jaffery Education Board. This agreement allows the boards to come together and pioneer a pilot Teachers Exchange Program between the community schools. The program would allow the community schools to send their teachers across borders to learn from each other and share their experiences.

The signing of this Memorandum took place in Nairobi, Kenya at the meeting organized by the Education Board during the 79th Supreme Council Session of the Africa Federation in Nairobi in July 2017 and was attended by the respective Jamaat Chairmen from Dar es Salaam and Nairobi and other board members.

As of now the exchange program has already begun with teachers from Nairobi have visited the Al Muntazir Schools in July 2017.

Another positive step in this theme of synergy was the Regional Education Board Forum that was hosted by Nairobi Jaffery Education Board on Sunday, 9th July 2017 at the Jaffery Islamic Center in Nairobi.

The session was aimed to call for greater collaboration of schools and education boards within the region. Various areas of cooperation and development were identified such as the Regional Forums, Teacher Exchange Programs, Students Exchange Program, Development of an Islamic Education Framework etc. and based on these a matrix is currently being developed that will chart the way for these collaborations to take place. This is expected to come into action from September 2017.

Another focal point for the Education Board in this term is the establishment of a proper and well-rounded Career Counseling initiatives and structures within our community schools and centrally at the Education Board Secretariat. Various resources and tools are being used to ensure this is achieved.

One of the key tools used by the Education Board for career guidance is the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment. The Strong Interest Inventory Assessment helps people discover rich and fulfilling careers by providing convincing insights into their career interests, helping them to discover potential career paths they may not have considered, and giving them a wealth of information about how they approach the world of work.

With the generous support of the World Federation, the Education Board recently received more assessments that are available free of charge to community students. In order to promote the assessments and assist the students the Education Board organized a session for the students of Arusha on Monday, 31st August 2017. The session was facilitated by Sis. Shama Dewji - certified administrator of these assessments and Sis. Sajida Master – the Education Board Administrative Secretary and a certified Career Counselor.

The Education Board would like to urge other Jamaats to take advantage of these assessments by coordinating with their respective Education Board Representatives and organizing for the students to participate in these assessments.

The Education Board also appreciates the support that is being provided by the Jamaat Education Boards, Community School Teams and the leaderships of the Jamaats. We hope to strengthen these partnerships in this term to ensure a good vision related to education for our community members that would allow them to thrive in today’s competitive and rapidly changing world.

We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to the Africa Federation Secretariat for their support and cooperation. We also wish to thank representatives from the Schools and the Education Board Representatives of Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Kampala, Mombasa and Nairobi for attending the Forum and for their useful contributions in the deliberations.  
Africa Federation Education Board

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