YEAR 2015

The Student of the Year Award is open to boys and girls who have appeared for National Examination and Overseas Board Examination “O” levels during the academic year January 2015 to December 2015. All applicants should follow the guidelines outlined below to stand a good chance of receiving the award.

Jamat Responsibility/Deadline
All students’ applications must be handed over to their respective Jamaat’s Education Board Representatives latest by 31st March 2016.  Local Jamaat’s will be responsible to publicize these services, conduct research in their own areas; scrutinize, verify and filter all applications in order to nominate and forward only Two Proposed names (one boy and one girl) to the Education Board Secretariat office by 14th April 2016.

During evaluation, Jamats should consider a minimum overall percentage of 75% for a student to qualify for best student award.

Local Jamaats are specifically requested to give more importance to the award this year so that applications are received from all the local Jamaats. Jamaats/Education representatives must put in extra effort to publicize and make announcements at different Community centers and functions (e.g. Madressah, khushali, wafat, etc) to draw the attention of students to seriously consider applying for the award.

The Best Student Award is most encouraging for our students who have just completed the first leg of their secondary education.  In addition, certificates, letters of appreciation and recognition, enable our students to take significant steps towards acquiring higher education. 

The Best Student Award procures them with a sense of achievement at an early stage in life.

Guidelines for the Award
The Secretariat of the Education Board will make the final selection from nominated applications from Jamaat’s by considering the highest overall marks as per the breakdown below.  Students must score well in all categories, as the top three are normally separated by only a fraction of points.  All statements must be backed by relevant supporting documents like copies of certificates or authentic letters of confirmationTHE JAMAAT’S BOARD MEMBERS MUST CERTIFY ALL DOCUMENTS AS TRUE COPIES. 



                                                                                                                  Boys Girls
Category                                                                                                  (%Marks)

Performance in final O’ level examination (6 Subjects)                        48     48

Bonus for extra subjects taken                                                                   2       2

General performance and attendance in Madressah over a period
of last 5 years
                                                                                             20     20

Extra-curricular (non-sporting) activities: include participation in
public speaking Contests, general knowledge quiz contests, seminars,
open forums, etc. It also includes your participation in communal work,
volunteering, teaching in madressah, leadership skills, organizing
projects which are beneficial to community members.  Your participation
in assisting the local population through charitable work and
determination to protect environment are also worth mentioning.                   20    25

Sporting activities: include sporting tournaments and competitions
you have participated in as an individual or with a team.                                  10    05
                                                TOTAL AGGREGATE                                       100 100

All students must submit their entries with the above criteria.

Each category requires to be substantiated with copies of authentic testimonials and original certificates. The Education Board representative of the respective Jamaat must verify the final national/international ‘O’ level examination results.

In absence of any such documentation, the student may be disqualified.

Shama Dewji
Hon. Secretary
Education Board Secretariat

Download:  Best Student Award Year 2015 - Form (MS Word, 36KB)

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