To work towards the development of a comprehensive policy embracing all academic Education requirements of the member Jamaats, develop comprehensive educational policy to cater for the member Jamaats present and future requirements and ensure harmonization of the activities and effective operation of the constituent elements of the education board and establish necessary communication, coordination and liaison with appropriate institutions worldwide.

REF: EB/SH/02/19                                                      

Education Board Strategy Meeting

The Education Board team consists of members from various cities in East Africa and from various different professional and educational backgrounds. This geographical and professional diversity allows for greater representation across our Jamaats and better perspective in terms of education related matters.

While the Education Board team frequently utilizes technology for regular communications and decision making it also emphasizes on physical meetings allowing all members to come together for key deliberations and strategy development for the board.

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Inspiration for Aspiration- Sharing Student Stories

Name: Malika Jaffer Mukhtar
Degree: Doctor of Medicine
University studied in: Hubert Kairuki Memorial University
Location of University: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Jamaat: Dar es Salaam

There are few days in human life when one is truly elated.   The first day in college is one of them. When you are getting ready, you feel a tingling in your stomach. What would the auditorium be like? What would the teachers be like? Who are my new classmates? – There is so much to be curious about. I call this excitement, the spark within you that makes you feel truly alive. That’s how it was for me.

Where do these sparks start? I think we are born with them. My 3 year old niece has a million sparks. A little splash toy can make her jump on the bed. She gets thrills from creaky swings in the park. A story from daddy gets her excited. It is same for us all, such that when I was little and my mom would take me to a doctor due to a fever, a few minutes spent in that room with a lovely lady sitting there caring for me and being so kind sparked in me the passion to become a doctor.

As I grew up my grandma told me Islam is all about service to mankind for the sole pleasure of Allah (swt). This made me firm on my direction of becoming a doctor. The verse of the Holy Qur’an, which so comprehensively covers this concept of service to humanity, reads: O people of Islam, "You are the best people ever raised for the good of mankind because you have been raised to serve others; you enjoin what is good and forbid evil and believe in Allah." (3:111).

You will remain the best as long as you are service-minded; promote good and welfare of the society. If you fail to do this, you no longer have a right to boast of the superiority of Islam and the Muslim Ummah. A society which is insensitive to the suffering of other human beings and is not always inclined to serve the cause of humanity cannot be described as an Islamic society, no matter how much it adhered to other aspects of Islamic teachings.


REF: EB/SH/13/18                                                     

A ‘Stronger’ emphasis on Career Counselling

Over the last few years, the Education Board of Africa Federation has been working with the various community schools and Jamaats to encourage a greater emphasis on career counseling.  Education Board uses the Strong Interest Inventory Assessments to further reinforce the concept of Career Assessments in our community schools and to our community students.

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REF: EB/SH/12/18                                                    

Inspiration for Aspiration - Sharing Student Stories

Name:  Sadiqa Janmohammed
Degree acquired: Bachelors of Arts in Psychology
University studied in: United States International University- Africa
Location of University: Nairobi, Kenya
Jamaat: Nairobi
The trek after A-levels is said to be the beginning of our independent journey. We step into a world where we now question and are questioned for our beliefs, ethics as well as our morality. The question arises is how do you prepare for the unknown? We have all been raised as Shia Muslims, with firm beliefs from Tawheed to the 14 infallibles, yet the test arises with the inquisition, sometimes in a positive manner but more often than not, in the negatives. The challenge in a multinational and multi-religious educational institution to us, as Twelver’s is quite large, and we need to learn how to respond to such challenges before we lose ourselves.

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