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To promote the Madhab of Ahlul Bait (a.s.) with other non-member Shia communities and with Muslims and non-Muslims at large on our society.

 “Together WE can make a Difference”

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand.” Chinese Proverb


On the 4th to the 8th of May 2015, the KWETU in conjunction with BMM Kenya organized a five days training at Mackinon Road Center:

Objectives of training: 

  • Train members on modern agricultural techniques and organic farming.
  • Soil and water conservation techniques
  • Permaculture and urban farming
  • Pest and disease management
  • Storage and value of agricultural products
  • Develop marketing skills
  • Determine population, health and environmental issues affecting agriculture


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Report No. 050                                                                           


Once again BMM-Tanga carried out food distribution to all the Shia families in Tanga region.

A total of 914 families benefitted from this distribution with each family getting 10kg rice, 10kg wheat flour and 5kg of sugar.

We would like to thank all the generous donors who made this possible, and pray to Allah (S.W.T) to reward them in this world and the hereafter, Amen.

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Muslim around the world anticipates the arrival of the holiest month of the year, Mahe Ramadhan, the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. Muslims from all continents unite in a period of fasting and spiritual reflection.

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REF: BMM/ADMIN/113/1436       


A two month course on continuous professional development was conducted for 16 Mubaligheen from 5 different regions of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania. They included 5 ladies and 11 gents who participated in the program.
The Seminar was conducted to improve and enhance the Mubaligheen’s abilities and skills so that they may incorporate effective teaching methodology to effectively propagate the Madh-hab of AhlulBayt (a.s).

The subjects taught were:

  • Qurán & Tajweed
  • Fiqh & Shubuhaat
  • Teaching methodology
  • Basic life Skills.

The facilitators during the training were:

  1. Syed Arif Ali Naqvi (Head of Tabligh - BMMT)
  2. Sheikh Bakari Mbelango
  3. Sheikh Abdinoor
  4. Sister. Iffet Thawer (Hon. Secretary - BMMT)

The scholars presented their skills of teaching methodology and how best to deliver Ahlul Bayt’s (as) message in the villages with practical approach of their practice of Islam as taught by the Holy Prophet (s) and his Ahlul Bayt (as).



Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania - Free Eye Camp at Kigoma

The Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania in collaboration with BETA Charitable Trust of Essex, U.K, Zantas Air and Kigoma Hill Top Hotel held a free eye and healthcare camp at Kigoma, from 3rd to 7th April 2015.
The camp was held at Ahlul Bayt Islamic Center and the surgeries were carried out at Maweni Regional Hospital, Kigoma.




“Together WE can make a Difference”

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women” Koffi Annan

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya in collaboration with Ansar Day conducted a six day seminar for the women under the Economic Upliftment Project in the rural centers. The seminar, being the fourth one since its initiation, was held in Bilal hall from 22nd February 2015 to the 26th February 2015. 

Two women from each Women Group from BMM Kenya centers and 3 women from Nakuru participated. A total number of 32 participants benefitted from this workshop.

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