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To promote the Madhab of Ahlul Bait (a.s.) with other non-member Shia communities and with Muslims and non-Muslims at large on our society.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya organized a ten days IRE seminar for the Assistant Muallims in charge and IRE Teachers from 15 BMMK rural centers, Zahra Madrassah and Swafaa Islamic Center from 15th April 2013 to 26th April 2013. A total of 38 participants attended this seminar.

The main objective of this seminar was to guide the participants on teaching methodologies. Different topics on the educational spheres like on Qualities of a teacher, Traditional & Contemporary teaching methods, Building Teacher-Student-Parent relationship, Reflective Practice in teaching,  Use of chalkboards &  teaching aids, Classroom management, Teachers' Professional documents, Teaching methods & learning styles and Micro teaching. These were dealt with by the facilitators Br Lubuva Eliyasa, Principal – Coast Teachers Training College, Kibaha, Dar es Salaam, Mr. Kazungu Charo, Teacher from Jaffery Academy, Mombasa and Br. B A Ahmedali, Quality Assurance Standards Department (QASD) from Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya.


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Ref: BMM 50-1434

The Bilal Comprehensive School which is situated in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, in Temeke area on 30th April 2013, celebrated the Wiladah of Bibi Fatemah Az Zahra (SA) , the daughter of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAWW) themed - "Mothers' Day" as recommended by Imam Khomeini (RA).

The Wiladah celebration was performed in phases where each individual took part in the activity and the students anxiously made cards to wish their mothers and presented to them when time approached of Mothers' Day.

Students celebrated first half of the day in quiz and Qaswida program.


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Ref: BMM 47-1434



Bilal Muslim Mission Tanga branch in collaboration with MOBILEYES Foundation(Tz), Pangani and Muhimbili Hospitals, organized a 3-day eye camp at its centre in Pangani from10th to 12th May 2013. The eye operations were carried out at the Pangani District Hospital in Tanga region.

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Ref: BMM 48-1434                                                                        


Bilal Muslim Mission Tanga celebrated the birth of the 5th Holy Imam, Muhammad bin Ali (Al-Baqir) (AS) on the eve of 1 Rajab 1434 (11 May 2013) at its main center in Tanga.

A large gathering of both males and females, listened attentively to the reciter, Sheikh Baaqir Lumbongo, a student of Hawzatul Al Qaim, expounding on the life and achievement of this personality.

The Holy Imam is known widely by his title 'Baqir' as the one to bring out knowledge to the public like the plough splits the earth and brings out the fertile soil from underneath. He recounted the famous 'hadith' of the Holy Prophet (saww) prophesying the birth of his progeny to be known by the title of'Al- Baqir' as he would split wide open the knowledge of religion


Ref: BMM 49-1433                                                               

Bilal Muslim Mission Tanga – New Hawza Staff

To ensure continuous improvement and maintain a high standard of the training provided at its Hawzas, namely, Hawzatul Qaim and Hawzatul Nisa, Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanga has added new instructors in its team. These are SYED WAJEEH AKBAR and SHEIKH ABDUL AMEER MUHAMMAD both from Iran. The additional instructors will ensure that the Hawzatul Qaim is continuing to provide religious knowledge of a high standard.




Furthermore, to ensure that the female students at its Hawza (Hawzatul Nissa) are  looked after, the Mission has also employed Ustadhat Aisha, who will be parenting the female students attending the Hawza and also look after the children's Madrassa.


The Mission wishes to acknowledge and thank all those who have made this recruitment possible and thus enable the Mission to fulfill the Holy Prophet (saww) directive that ''the best amongst you is one who seeks knowledge and enables others to seek knowledge'. May Allah (swt) grant them 'tawfeek' to continue with their good deeds - Ameen.


Why was Hazrat F?timah Zahra (a.s) called Zahra?

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-S?diq (A.S) said that when she used to stand under the arch (Mehraab) for offering prayers, her radiance used to shed light for those high up in the skies in the same manner as the stars shed their light on the earth for the benefit of it's inhabitants." [Reference:  Nisa' an-Nabiy wa Awladuh, p.92. ]

A special function to commemorate the Wiladat of Sayyidah Fatimatuz Zahra (a.s) and Sayyidah Zaynab (a.s) was held on Saturday, 4th May 2013 at the Bilal Hall, Mombasa. A large number of women and children attended this program.

LFD_3The programme, commenced with the recitation of Hadithul Kisaa by Sis Rukiya Datoo followed by a verse from the Holy Quran with translation in Kiswahili by Sis Zahra Salim and Sis Zahra Allidina. Sis Ummukulthum from BMMK welcomed the ladies.

A short lecture was delivered by Sis Ruiya Salim on "The Role played by Sayyidah Zainab (as) in Islam."





BMMK_Ramadhan_Appeal_4To make it convenient for muslim brethren to gain maximum benefits of the Month of Ramadhan. The Mission has planned for the following:

Ø  Daily Iftar will be served after Maghribain prayers in Muslim centres and other institutions.

Ø  Relief Food to be distributed to families

Ø  A 5 part series of Hidaya ya Ramadhan Radio broadcast

Ø  Tabligh Activities / Amaals

Ø  Eid Gifts

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