Bilal Muslim Organization Uganda this year as one of its activities celebrated the festival of Eid ul Adha with its community.

After the Eid prayer, some goats, sheep and a cow were slaughtered and the meat was distributed Muslim brothers and sisters who were more than 250 in number gathered for Eid ceremony.

Three centres; Nansana, Alhudah Kibundaire in Jinja District  and Hauza Khatamul Ambiyae Jinja received meat  for them to enjoy and celebrate the Eid joyfully.

Bilal Uganda also organized the Celebration of Eid ul Ghadeer on 20th September, 2016 18th Dhulhajj 1437 AH at its headquarter. On this occasion both Ladies and Gents attended in a big number and were informed about the greatness of this day in the religion of Islam.

The delegation from the headquarters travelled to different centers where breakfast was provided and were taught about the importance of Eid ul Ghadeer in Islam.

Among the services which were rendered to such centers was distribution of Milk to the orphans.

The organization also constructed 2 boreholes in the areas of Masanefu and Nawanzu.  We have signed a contract for 5 boreholes in different areas, which will be finished in a couple of months. This programme is still going on in different areas whereby we have received more than 100 applications.

As usual, every Tuesday and Thursday Dua Tawassul and Kumail are recited and lectures on religion, social and economic aspects of life are given, similarly, the Birth and Shahadat of our beloved Imams commemorations and celebrations are conducted.


We carried out training sessions in reciting Adhan, Ablution, Prayer and Tayammum among children and women in rural areas.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all Muslim brothers and sisters who supported us to full fill this noble activity we pray to the Almighty Allah to reward you abundantly. 

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