“The purpose of my stand is to reform the Nation of my grandfather. I only intend to enjoin good and forbid evil and in doing so, emulate my grandfather, the messenger of Allah (SWT) and my father Ali Ibn Abu Talib (AS)”

Imam Hussain (AS) 

The Bilal Muslim Mission of Uganda organized various Muharram programmes to commemorate the tragedy of Karbala in all its Centres from 14th to 24th October 2015.
There are currently 10 Centres of Bilal Muslim Mission in Uganda spread out in Jinja, Kampala, Kiboga, Kibundare, Kasawo, Bunjakko, Nansana, Kasese and Nawanzu.

Daily Programs:

The Programs arranged were daily Majlis after Maghrebain prayers followed by a Question and Answer session, Matam, Ziyarat-e-Waritha and thereafter Niyaz was served.
A host of local preachers were invited to recite Majlises like Sheikh Rahman Saif, Sheikh Adam Abdul Malik, Sheikh Muhammad Mukasa, Sheikh Araby Mahmoud, Sheikh Musa Sowedi, Professor Abidi and Sheikh Muhammad Hussain Khuddami from Islamic Republic of Iran,
Ashura Procession (Juloos):

A Procession was organized on the tenth night of Muharram which was attended by people from different communities in large numbers, many preachers delivered lectures on Imam Hussain (AS), his contribution towards Islam and the background of the event of Karbala. Among the key speakers were Maulana Dr. Aon, Sheikh Yusuf Munir, Sheikh Muhammad Mukasa, Sheikh A. Rahman and Sheikh A. Majid Oburu and Maulana Syed Abbas Abidi the Chief Missionary of Bilal Uganda. A short clip of the Juloos can be watched on this link:
Below are some photographs of Ashura Juloos, participants from various community members, our community members and Bilal community members, the Juloos is organized every year on Ashura Day in the city of Kampala.

Day of Ashura:

The peak of the Muharram programme was the Day of Ashura which was attended by over 500 people from different parts of the County was held on 10th Muharram 1437 A.H. (24th October, 2015) to commemorate the great martyrdom of Imam Hussain (A.S.), the grandson of the Holy Prophet of Islam and his family and faithful companions who sacrificed their lives to protect the religion of Islam and Humanity.

Imam Hussain – Selfless Stand for Social Justice and Human Rights:

Syed Abidi delivered a lecture about who the Household of the Holy Prophet (SAW) are and elaborated about the importance of Ahlulbayt (A.S.) in Islam. He stressed the need to understand history of Islam and the event of Karbala and that it is an obligation for all believers to understand the role played by the Household of the Holy Prophet (SAW) to uphold social justice, human rights and understand the command from Allah (SWT) mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.
He was followed by other Sheikhs who reminded the believers about their responsibility towards bringing up their children under Islamic environment and inculcate Islamic Values and not to forego Family Values which are important elements in upbringing children. The function was concluded with Sabil-e-Hussain and 500 litres of milk was distributed.
Latest Bilal Uganda Publication:

The Mission published a book titled - Imam Hussain (AS) and the tragedy of Karbala, in local language of Luganda and over 1000 copies were distributed in all the Centres and to other Muslim brothers and sisters.
Bilal Mission of Uganda has a good collection of Islamic literatures and books in its Library in Kampala; it is regularly visited by students and others. It has also multi-media facilities.


A Borehole was also donated in this month to the community at the Excel Vocational Institute this was done to solve their problem of water faced by the community and students


The Mission extends its appreciation to all Muslim brothers and Sisters who extended their support and cooperation towards these programs and we pray to the Almighty to reward them abundantly, here and hereafter – Ameen.
S.H.A. Abidi
Chief Missionary
Bilal Muslim Organization Uganda

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