Imam Sadiq (AS) said:
“Verily charity given at night (secretly in the dark of the night) extinguishes the wrath of the Lord, wipes away grave sins and facilitates one’s account (on the day of resurrection) charity given during the day (in broad day light) makes one’s wealth thrive and increases one’s life span.”

Bilal Muslim Mission of Uganda (BMMU) distributed food packages in 12 centers to the needy and poor Muslim brothers and sisters in preparation for the holy month of Ramadhan making it somewhat comfortable for them too.

The packages comprised of rice, maize flour, sugar and cooking oil were distributed to over 1030 families.

The chairman of BMMU Alhaj Asim Morvi, the chief missionary Syed Abidi and others took the initiative to distribute the food packages to the following centres: Bilal Headquarter Kampala, Ahlul Bait Masjid Jinja, Tawheed Madrassah Kiboga, Masjid Fatmah Bunjakko, Al Hudah Madrassaah Kibundaire, Kaberebere Kyondo Kasese, Masjid Zahra Nawanzu, Al Zahrah Orphanage Nansana, Greenland Orphanage Nansana, Ummat Salam Kawanda, Tawheed Madrassah Mayuge and Masjid Ahlul Bait Iganga.

The chief missionary, Syed Abidi gave lectures in all centers on the importance of the holy Month of Ramadhan, Namaz, reciting and understanding the holy Qur’an and following the teachings of the Holy Prophet and his pure progeny (AS).
The Organisation this year also published a book named Introduction to Islamic Jurisprudence which covers three important Topics:  Taharah, Prayer and Fasting. It is written in local language to enable Muslim brothers and sisters who don’t understand English and Arabic understand the subjects and practice them.

The Bilal Muslim Organisation Uganda extends their appreciation to the World Federation, Africa Federation and all donors who donated towards the Ramadhan Relief program.  May Allah’s blessings be bestowed upon them all, Ameen.


Gents and ladies gather every day to recite the Holy Qur’an (Halaqah programme) that lasted for 30 days and were able to complete it in 27 days.

In 9 Centers, over 1,500 people participated daily in congregational prayers (Namaz-e-Jamaah) followed by breaking of fast (Iftar). There was daily Qur’an recitation followed by Dua iftitah, a brief lecture, question and answer session.

Different scholars were invited at the Headquarters, among them were:  the group of Tawasheeh from Islamic Republic of Iran who performed Tawasheeh praising the birth of Imam Hassan (AS), and great names and attributes of the Almighty Allah (SWT).
During the holy month of Ramadhan, BMMU also hosted a Qur’an recitation trainer from Islamic republic of Iran. He trained some Muslim brothers and sisters in different skills of Qur’anic recitation plus Ahkam Tajweed. This program lasted for 10 days.

BMMU sent muballigeen/preachers to different centers to guide and sensitize them on how to conduct themselves during the fasting period, and the do’s and don’ts.

We also received a preacher from Islamic Republic of Iran who was stationed at Jinja Hauzatul Ilmiyyah and taught muslim community on different topics on the month of Ramadhan.


Alhamdulillah, this year many brothers and sisters conducted A’amal of Lailatul Qadr for the three nights.  This programme was implemented through sensitizing and showing them the importance of conducting such A’mal whereby they prayed for themselves and for the entire Ummah. Over 200 participants attended the programme.


The chairman of BMMU, Alhaj Asim Morvi together with the chief missionary of Bilal Uganda, Syed Abidi and other brothers from Khoja Community visited different centers to meet the people at the centers. The Chairman interviewed some adults and youngsters on different aspects of religion such as Islamic History, Islamic Jurisprudence, Akhlaq among others and Alhamdulillah the results were promising.

He donated clothes to both men and women and praying carpets to Mujunza mosque in Kiboga district. He called upon all Muslims from all centers to work tirelessly towards unity and cooperation which will help them to uplift their living standard and also improve the status of their centers, he emphasizes parents to focus on education of their children both in religious and secular education.


As one of the ways of emphasizing the importance of understanding and practicing Islam and encouraging recitation of Holy Qurán, BMMU donated gifts to brothers and sisters who excelled in Qur’an recitation and for attending to Amal Lailatul Qadr.  All Muballigeen were also given prizes in appreciation of the services rendered by them in centers where they were sent.

The function was presided over by the Chairman of BMMU and other guests.  After a brief lecture, the prizes were given out.  Among the many prizes were bedsheets, tray and tasbeehs.


The Uganda broadcasting co-operation headquarters, a media house of the Ugandan government, organized Holy Qurán memorization competition for both primary and secondary schools. Many children and youths from different schools participated in this competition.

Gifts were given to the best participants. BMMU donated head scarves for all female participants and caps to all male participants.      

We once again wish to extend our appreciation to all brothers and sisters who work hand in hand to ensure that all Bilal Programs are conducted smoothly.  We beseech to the Almighty Allah (SWT) to reward them abundantly and increase in their Imaan. Ameen.
Syed Hussain Abbas Abidi
Chief Missionary
Bilal Muslim Mission of Uganda (BMMU)
Kampala, Uganda.

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