We thank Allah (swt) for His guidance and protection, peace and blessings be upon the Holy Prophet (saww) and his progeny.

Muharram programmes this year started from Sunday, 26/10/14 and ended on Tuesday, 4/11/14 daily starting with Jamah Prayer which was led by Maulana Syed Abidi and from 7.00 pm up to 9.00 pm preaching starting with Taziah from Sheikh Ziaeh a Scholar from Islamic Republic of Iran Also, lectures and majalises of Imam Hussein (as) from the local and visiting Preachers among them we had:

Sheikh Ziaeh and Sheikh Muhammad from Islamic Republic of Iran, Sheikh Muhammad Mukasa, A. Rahman Saif, Yusuf Mulumba, Ismail Ali, and Jalal Ddiin Twaha from Uganda.

We have been receiving participants from different parts of the country, both Sunni and Shia who come and listen on the history of Islam, event of Karbala and what led to Imam Hussein’s mission to oppose the despotic and illegitimate ruler Yazid son of Muawiyah and his allies.

After the lectures, there was a question and answer session giving chance to the participants to ask question to the speakers who would then responding to them.
On 6/11/2014 we had special programme of Muharram on this day we hosted a well known Scholar from the United Kingdom, Mulla Jaffer who delivered a wonderful presentation and all participants were pleased with his preaching, there were over two hundred participants.

The Bilal office received many visitors in the month of Muharram who witnessed the activities of Bilal, and appreciated the efforts being made and they also advised Bilal Uganda on some of the activities for better results.

There are presently five (5) centers which are under our organization. Muharram programmes included lectures, Azadari and general discussions relating to the tragedy of Karbala.
Niaz was served in all centres among these are Jinja Hauza, Kibundaire Lubani, Kasese, Ntebbe, and Kiboga centres.

Ladies also attended the programs and there were special lectures for them as well.

We are grateful to Alhajj Asim Morvi and some Visitors for providing black Veils (Chadar) to all sisters who participated in the programmes and emphasizing the importance of maintaining Hijab all the time as required in our religion and to follow the footsteps of the women of the household of the holy Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad al Mustafa (saw).

The programmes were concluded on Tuesday, 4th November 2014 with majlis on the tragedy of the day of Ashura in Karbala and the atrocities and brutality carried out by the Yazid and his ruthless army to Imam Hussein (as), his family members and faithful companions. Both Sheikh Ziaeh and Sheikh Yusuf Mulumba recited the ‘Masaieeb’ of Imam Hussain and the Martyrs of Karbala.

We call upon all our supporters and donors to continue working together with us particularly in enabling us fulfilling our objectives in disseminating the Teachings of the religion of Islam and the Madh’ab of Ahlul Bayt (as) and to help those who are under-privileged. We also distribute articles and pamphlets.

Syed Abidi
Chief missionary:         

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