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To promote the Madhab of Ahlul Bait (a.s.) with other non-member Shia communities and with Muslims and non-Muslims at large in Tanzania


REF: BMM/2/1432                                                                              
DATE: 18/1/2011


 Bilal Tanga Commemorates Great Martyrdom Of Imam Hussain (AS) - Muharram 1432 AH

Tanga town was draped in black as the Mission's branch took to the streets to mark the anniversary of the martyrdom of the third Shiite Imam.

Imam Husain (as) together with his companions were mercilessly martyred on the plains of Kerbala, Iraq. Victory claimed by the ruthless tyrant leader Yazid bin Muawiyah was short lived when the Muslims realized that Imam Husain (as) was no one other than the loving grandson of the Holy Prophet of Islam.

To date the world over, realization of this heinous crime is brought to light in the first month of the lunar calendar, Muharram. The followers clad in black with grief and sorrowful faces march the streets and distribute charities to glorify those martyred in the way of Allah (swt).


bilalworkshopPublic Speaking and Teachers Training Programme

The Bilal Muslim Mission Branch in Tanga in collaboration with Arusha Branch organised the programme from 31st December 2010 to 2nd January 2011 targeting students of Higher Islamic studies in Tanga as well as teachers from the centres in the region. Representation from Bilal Head office was made by Shiekh Abdu nur and from Bilal Hauza Temeke, Shiekh Amiri and Shiekh Ali Rashid.

The facilitators Brother Akil Lalji, Brother Hameed Sheriff and Brother Ali Seif travelled from Arusha to conduct the programme in Tanga.

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The death anniversary of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (saww) was observed in Tanga region and at Duga Maforoni centre with a procession.

Bilal Muslim Mission, Tanga Branch organised a procession in reminding the Prophet's mission and message of peace, humanity, equality etc. Men and Women, young and old joined in the procession.

The Prophet's death is an eventful episode in the history of Islam and in which many questions arose resulting in sectarian differences between the Muslims in regards to the succession after The Holy Prophet (saww).

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REF: BMM/4/1432                                                                              
DATE: 21/2/2011




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