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Report No: 033 of Shab’an 1435 A.H, June 2014       


As in the previous years, Bilal Muslim Mission Tanga Branch conducted a ten days seminar for its teachers during the month of Shab’an 1435 AH.
A total of 30 participants from 24 Bilal Centres in Tanga region attended the ten days seminar which commenced on 16th and concluded on 25th of June 2014.
Topics covered included Fiqh both theory and practical, Tareekh, Shub’hat. Special sessions were conducted on public speaking skills, work ethics and using of latest techniques in promoting Tabligh.

Bilal Tanga would like to extend special thanks to Sheikh Shafii of Ahlulbayt Charitable Foundation of Tanga who took his time out to conduct Fiqh sessions i.e. both theory and practical during the seminar.
The Chairman of Bilal Muslim Mission – Tanga Branch, Alhaj Hasnain Hassanali graced the closing ceremony which was held on Wednesday the 25th of June 2014.
Our thanks go to all the participants and facilitators of the Seminar, and we pray to Allah (SWT) to give them inspiration and tawfeeqat to continue developing their knowledge and skills to build a strong foundation of the institution.
Bilal Muslim Mission – Tanga Branch

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