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Bilal Comprehensive School Celebrates
Wiladah of Imam Al Hujjah (atfs)

Preparations for the occasion of the celebration of the birthday (Wiladah) were done in stages where students were given several activities to demonstrate good understanding.

The morning of Thursday, 12th June was echoing with loud voices of Bilal Children singing in the love of the Awaited Imam Al Mahdi.  The procession began from Sambwisi Street with a one minute silence to reflect and pray for the safety of all Muslims throughout the world followed by Ziyarat to salute the Imam of our time.

The program commenced with verses of the holy Qur’an recited by student from BSC to grace the occasion and was translated into Kiswahili by Hawzatul Bilal Student.

Colourful flags and banners along with joyful voices brought life to the procession which was attended by several guests and other Madaris.  About 1400 people participated in the celebration.
The procession took an hour with lectures on the route as well as lines from Dua Nudbah were recited with meanings. Shk. Kwezi and Shk. Lubumba gave powerful and thought provoking lectures and ‘Labbayk Ya Mahdi’ was echoing loud and clear throughout the procession.

Hawzatul Bilal students marched within the campus in a beautiful parade before the highlighting item of the day - The Flag Raising.  This ceremony was done by Sayyid Arif Naqvi assisted by dignitaries from AFED, AFTAB, CBB and BMMT.
A short program was presented by both Nursery and Primary Students followed by a powerful message on philosophy of ‘Intedhar’ by Shk. Mulabba.
The program ended with Salahtul Jama’ah and lunch for all who participated in the celebrations.
A visit to Kurasini Orphanage was organized by Hawzatul Bilal to coincide with Wiladah celebrations. 54 students and 4 teachers went to Kurasini orphanage where they distributed packets of biscuits and sweets.
This was a good experience of sharing and caring with orphans as one of the activity by Bilal Comprehensive School of Temeke to conclude the celebrations.
Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania
Head Office, Dar es Salaam

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