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The wiladat of Ameerul Mumineen (A.S.) was celebrated with great joy and anticipation at Bilal Campus, Temeke.  BMMT had organized a quiz competition on 12 Rajab, based on two books at two different levels. 64 adults (33 females and 31 males) 16 of them being Bilal students and the rest from other institutions in Dar es Salaam participated in this competition.

On 13 Rajab, a Seminar was organized on the life of Imam Ali (A.S.), the topic being, ‘’SAYYIDINA ALI (AS) SAUTI YA UADILIFU’’ (Ali, the Voice of Human Justice). About 250 people from Shia and non-Shia institutions participated in the seminar. Lectures were delivered by Shaykh Ramadhani Kitogo, the Deputy Qaadhi for Dar es Salaam region, and Shaykh Lubumba with his address enlightening the public on the virtues of justice of Ali (A.S.).

The results of the quiz were announced after the Seminar and Bilal Campus toped the score having taken almost all top awards, six by Bilal Comprehensive School teachers and four by Hawzatul Bilal students.              
 This followed with celebrations during morning hours whereby the Nursery children recited eulogies and qasidas about Imam Ali (A.S,)
A quiz was presented by students of classes six and seven and the highlight of the day was honouring the male teachers as fathers of the School community.

A talk show was presented by teachers discussing on important aspects from the noble life of Imam Ali (A.S.) his teachings, virtues, simplicity and his mission in this world. The message streamed across the children who were present and we hope they all benefitted from it and towards the end, they children left the hall more hopeful and happy.

We pray to Allah (SWT) to continue showering His blessings and mercy in our mission of spreading the true faith of Ahlulbayt (A.S.) with simplicity and humility, Ameen.
Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania
Head Office

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