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A three-day seminar for Muballigheen and Madrasa teachers from Bilal centers was held at the Hawzatul Bilal in Temeke, Dar es Salaam from 6th to 8th May, 2014 under the new head of BMM Tanzania Tabligh Section, Syed Arif Ali Naqvi. Participants were from Arusha, Coast, Dar es Salaam, Kondoa, Moshi, Pemba and Zanzibar.

The Seminar opening was attended by the BMM Tanzania Chairman Alhaj Riyaz R. Nasser and his Vice Chairman Alhaj Mehboob J. Somji.
After the recitation of the Holy Qur’an, the Head of Hawzatul Bilal, Sheikh Amir Kasonso, the BCS Administrator, Mrs. Sidika Karim and the convener of the Seminar, Seyed Arif Naqvi welcomed the participants.

Sayyid Arif highlighted the issue of the present state of Tabligh at BMM Tanzania centers and the need to rekindle and strengthen the institution. He mentioned three points mainly: 

  • Accountability for all Muballigheen.
  • Importance of adopting good AKHLAQ in the field Tabligh.
  • A Common Syllabus and a Common Framework for the Management of our Madrasahs at all centers of BMMT

After the remarks by Sayyid Arif, ideas, suggestions and questions were raised by the seminar participants, these were responded by him, elaborating where necessary.

Sheikh Bakari Mbelango, Inspector of BMMT centers, in his presentation advised Muballigheen: 

  • To be prepared to deal with the challenges faced while doing Tabligh and to have patience and perseverance as Da'awah is the way of the Prophets (PBUT) and the Imams (a.s) which is a path of trials and tribulations;
  • Methods of Tabligh should correspond to the circumstances & needs of each area;
  • The importance of reading books of various topics to increase one’s knowledge and using positive words and wisdom while doing Tabligh;
  • Tabligh is to be done with the intention of Qurbatan (to gain proximity to Allah – (SWT) and the importance of being constantly connected to Dua

Later, Sheikh Bashir Mugo, the BMMT Regional Inspector commended the Muballigheen for their patience and perseverance in spite of many difficulties and stressed the importance of having good relationship at our centers and avoid any situation of conflicts.
He also suggested that Muballigheen should get training for ‘conducting Tabligh’ as well as ‘pedagogical training’ and that collaboration with other institutions would help avoid conflicts and duplication.  Soon after the two addresses of Sheikh Bashir and Sheikh Mbelango, the Muballigheen too contributed by giving further suggestions and ideas.
On Wednesday 7th May 2014, Mrs. Iffat Thawer, Hon Secretary of the BMMT, gave a power point presentation on the importance of having ‘good and effective habits’.
The Seminar was officially closed on Thursday 8th May 2014 by the Chairman of Central Bilal Board (CBB) Alhaj Mohsin A. Lalji in the company of the Vice Chairman Alhaj Mohamedraza Dewji. CBB contributed a kanzu, scarf and shillings 50,000/= in cash to each Muballigheen who attended the Seminar.

May Allah (SWT) increase tawfeeqat and grant good health, inspiration and courage to all who are involved in Tabligh activities in one way or the other.
May He enhance our activities in the field of Tabligh and give us more strength to propagate the Madha’b of Ahlulbayt (AS), Ameen.
BMMT Secretariat
H.O. Dar es Salaam

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