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The Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania (BMMT) organized a Three-Days Eye Camp, sponsored by the Family of the Late Yosuf and Kulsum Kermali Alibhai, at Utete (Rufiji) 215 kms from Dar es Salaam from 21 to 23 February 2014. The Camp was set at Mapinduzi Primary School and eye surgeries were performed at Utete General Hospital.

Beta Charitable Trust of Essex, U.K. had their representative, Ms. Helen Francis attending the Camp and she presented a Sugar Testing Machine (Glucometer) and peripheries to the Utete General Hospital. This was the first time in our eye camp activities that we carried out sugar and blood pressure (BP) tests covering 216 patients.  This exercise is to make people aware of their health status, especially to identify those suffering from diabetes and abnormal blood pressure so that they can take care of their health with proper management in medication etc.


1,556 people were screened from which 86 were operated for cataracts.

Total diseases discovered were 1,756.


1,063 patients were issued with glasses and 89 received sunglasses, including the patients who underwent cataract surgery. 664 units of medicines and vitamins were also provided to the patients.


The Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania are thankful to the Ministry of Health for their cooperation, the family of the late Yosuf & Kulsum Kermali Alibhai for sponsoring the Camp and Beta Charitable Trust of U.K. for donating the Glucometer and sponsoring the surgeries.

We are thankful to entire team of doctors, nurses, volunteers, regional and District Government Authorities, local Councillors, the School administration, teachers and students, the Tanzania Police Force and all those who in one way or the other supported and facilitated the successful accomplishment of the Camp. Thanks also to Ms. Helen Francis for participating in the Camp and the Ayabbas family for facilitating Helen’s travel to Utete, Rufiji Region.
May Allah (SWT) grant them all good health, long life and every success in their endeavors, and to continue supporting in the noble humanitarian mission, Ameen.
Anver Alibhai - Free Eye Camps Coordinator
Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania

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