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Once again Bilal School students celebrated Eid al Ghadeer at school with a stage program explaining students the event of Al-Ghadeer.

Varieties of programs were held with Ngonjera in praise of Allah (swt), and the lofty status of the Holy Prophet (saww) and Imam Ali (as) with some quotations from for Dua e Nudbah.

The program filled the hall with Qaswidas, congratulating Ameer ul Mumineen (as) and celebrating the Wilayat of Imam Al (as) with Taqbeer and Salutations.

Teacher Yassin gave a brief history on Al-Ghadeer explaining its importance and duties of children to take the message home in regards to Ghadeer. He reminded the children to learn history and to take lessons from them, especially in relation to the Wilayat of Imam Ali (as) and his role in Islam.

On this auspicious occasion of Ghadeer, Teachers and Students of Bilal Muslim Mission Comprehensive School congratulates all their colleagues and well wishers on the historical declaration of the Wilayat of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as), and we send salutations on this auspicious occasion of Eid e Ghadeer to the Imam of our time, Al Hujjah Al Mahdi (atfs), May Allah (swt) hasten his reappearance.


Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania – Dar es Salaam.

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