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The holy month of Ramadhan 1434 saw a lot of religious activities undertaken at the various centers in the 7 regions of the Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania.

Programmes consisting of Qur'an recitation, Lectures, Prayers, Dua Ifftetah were organized regularly and followed by communal iftars at these centers. Some centers also held separate programmes for ladies also.


In some centers, apart from the regular Iftar programmes, food packets comprising rice, maize flour, sugar, dates, legumes and cooking oil were distributed to the deserving and needy families, with the distribution being carried out at mosques, orphanage centres, hospitals, dwelling places and at prisons also to prison inmates.


In some centers, cash gifts were given to the deserving or gift of khanzus, khangas, scarves etc. were provided to maalims and students of Hawzas and madrassas. In one center, a blood donation programme was undertaken on the 19th of holy month of Ramadhan to commemorate martyrdom of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (AS).

btr3Blood Donation 19 Ramadhan Bilal Moshi

All these activities were made possible due to the financial support of the World Federation of KSI Muslim Communities of UK, the Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa, Beta Charitable Trust of UK, PHARMACO of UK and innumerable donors for generous donations in cash or food items from within and outside the country.

We thank them all, and we pray to Allah (swt) to bless them for their generosity and grant them good health, long life and tawfeeqat to continue in the same spirit and devotion towards helping the needy and deserving members of Bilal Muslim Mission.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania
Head Office, Dar es Salaam

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