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Bilal Muslim Mission –Tanga branch hosted Hafidhul Qur'an Br. Mohamedtaqi Khan along with his elder brother Mohamednaqi Khan and the accompanying delegation headed by Alhaj MohammedJaffer Pyarali of Hajj Caravan, from 2nd to 4th July in Tanga.

Six programs were held in the two days starting at Shamsil Maarif (Sunni Madrassah in Tanga) and ending at the Bilal Headquarters grounds in Tanga where people in their hundreds witnessed the talent and skills of Br. Mohamedtaqi demonstrating the miracle of Qur'an.


Mohamedtaqi Khan, born in Pakistan and who is presently undertaking his studies in the Islamic Republic of Iran, has memorized the Holy Qur'an in 51 different ways.

His keynote message was that we all should keep our full trust and faith in Allah (SWT), understand, memorize and take lessons from the Holy Qur'an and respect our parents.

Several dignitaries including the Honorable MP of Tanga, Mr. Omary Nundu, Sheikh Luwuchu (Head of Bakwata Tanga), Ex-Mayor Alhaj Kisauji and others graced the program at Bilal Headquarters in Tanga.

We extend our sincere appreciation to Hafidhul Qur'an Mohammedtaqi, his brother Mohammednaqi, Alhaj Mohammedjaffer Pyarali and all individuals for their contributions towards this Tabligh activity and pray to Allah (SWT) to increase their knowledge and grant them good health with longevity of life. Ameen

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania

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