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Bilal Comprehensive School celebrated Wiladah of Ameerul Mumineen as Fathers' Day

On Thursday 23rd May, 2013, the school students happily gathered in The Husaynia hall to celebrate the wiladat of our beloved Imam Ali (AS). Several programs were held where the nursery school students presented a Qasidah followed by a Ngonjera by the younger primary school students.


Few days before the celebration of Fathers' Day, all students were given plain cards to design and decorate. Teachers were given the incentive of this being a class competition where the class with maximum beautiful cards would be recognized and the supervising teacher awarded. It was really amazing to see students cards designed with beautiful touching words for their fathers.

The same afternoon of 23rd May, Hawzatul Bilal invited madaris from the neighborhood to join the wiladat celebrations. Two madrasahs, Manaazil Atqiyaa and Madrasat Haddad joined the program and presented their items too. It was a good way of Tableegh and building stronger relationship with non Shia madaris. They also took part in presenting their items of variety programs upto evening. Dinner was served to all participants.


A short drama was organized portraying the judgments of Ameerul Mumineen (AS) followed by lively Qasida by teacher Yassin Idd, and the entire hall chorused together in joyfulness mood.

Next came the surprise item; the card selection where a card per class was picked and The Best Card was awarded and the Teacher was awarded too, and all those students with the name Ali were recognized and given tokens. Prior to getting a token, each one was asked a question from the life of The Ameer, answering which would make one legible to go home with a token.


On Friday, 25/05/2013, the entire BCS staff and Hawza residents, totaling 105 people grouped in 10's, were allocated each with a topic in relation to Ameerul Mumineen (AS). This was done under the supervision of a religion teacher or a sheikh from the Hawza.


This was done a week in advance to allow time for research.

On Friday morning, the program began with Quran and Hadees-e-Kisaa followed by an official opening by the Mudeer of Hawza, Sheikh Amiri Kasonso. The Hawza boys presented Qasidas and a drama on the Judgments of Ameerul Mumineen (AS) and the groups sat for discussion for final presentations.

Each group presented for ten minutes and some spontaneous questions were asked and answered likewise. A lot of information was acquired about the history of Islam and reflecting on the life of Ameerul Mumineen (AS).


The program ended with presentations where one of the Hawza boys was announced to be going to Iran sponsored by AFED for a one month crash course, as well as gifting of other winners and participants.


The program with the lunch ended at 3:00 pm and all left with a feeling of satisfaction of having accomplished a better understanding of Islam and Ameerul Mumineen (AS).

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania wishes to thank the Africa Federation for their generous support in providing one month crash course to one of the Madrassah students to Iran.



Sunday the 19th May 2013, Bilal campus celebrated the 9th graduation ceremony of Ahlulbayt Teachers Training College for Grade "A" teaching and 1st Graduation for the Early Childhood Education. Out of 46 students, 37 graduated for Grade "A" teaching and 9 for Early childhood Education.

Bilal campus invited Mr. Atukuzwe Sanga, The Zonal Inspector of Dar es Salaam, as Guest of Honour. 20 other dignitaries from the Ministry and District Education representatives as well as Heads of other colleges also attended.


The Graduation Ceremony was also witnessed by other guests and dignitaries among whom were the Trustees of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania and past committee members.


A special award was presented to Mariam Abdul, a Shia student who is an albino.  Mariam has gone through Primary, Secondary and Early Childhood Education with support from ZCSS and personal donors. It is remarkable to see her zeal to prove herself in the world, where people see her different from normal people and also physical disabilities that go with being an albino sometimes cause hindrance. Mariam has excelled to reach where she had aimed to, despite all struggles, all drawbacks. Mariam was awarded for her achievements.

Amongst the awards were those for the top three students, Discipline Awards,  Best Leader Award and subject wise Awards.

bcs10bcs11The Administrator Mrs. Siddika Karim gave few words of wisdom, highlighting on the importance of Knowledge from the teachings of Imam Ali (AS) and the Guest of Honour, Mr. Sanga was impressed with Islam in relation to education and discussed its importance.  He was pleased to note the admittance of non Muslim students at the college without any discrimination of race, creed or religion.

bcs12The variety program presented by the college students was an interesting and entertaining part of the function. A Graduate made a brief presentation, and it was pleasing to note her words of gratitude for the college having Religion as one of the compulsory subject.

One of the graduates, Sister Dora S. Machaba being a Sabbathian had some few words to say, that after entering Ahlulbayt Teachers Training College she realized the importance of the woman in Islam. She also mentioned why Islam requires women to be in hijab by giving an example of covered and uncovered food, if offered to anyone, which he would prefer to have!

A farewell session of shairis praising the school teachers for their efforts and time given to them and by saying goodbye to fellow students concluded the program with handing over of certificates and lunch.


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