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Above - honouring the eye camp Coordinator, Alhaj Anver Merali Alibhai

The Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania organized an eye camp, sponsored by Tanzania Road Haulage (1980) Ltd., at Ruangwa, Lindi Region, more than 500 km from Dar es Salaam.  This was the longest camp, in terms of days, in the history of Bilal Muslim Mission Tanzania Free Eye Camp, from 22nd – 26th December, 2012.

At an official opening ceremony of the camp Alhaj Anverbhai Merali was honoured as an elder of Ruangwa and presented with the traditional "ngoroli" (shawl), a bow and an arrow.  Gifts were also exchanged between the team and the officials.

Above - registration of patients

Many people from the nearby villages gathered for the registrations out of which 3,393 patients were screened and 132 cataract surgeries were performed, sponsored by Beta Charitable Trust of the UK.

Prescribing spectacles and medicine

2,591 pairs of glasses were distributed free of charge, 431 sunglasses were given out and 2,050 units of medicine were handed out to those who were screened.

A patient screened for surgery                                            Surgeons at work

Cataract surgeries were performed at the Ruangwa Hospital by Dr. Dilawar Padhani and Dr. Patricia from Rwanda.

Our special thanks go to the Regional Medical Officer for permitting the use of the Hospital and to the Medical Officer and the nurses in the eye department for their cooperation.

We also thank the surgeons, Dr. Dilawar and Dr. Patricia and the whole team for their profound dedication and for their commitment towards the eye camps. To all of them we say "Mungu wa bariki" (God Bless). We also wish to recognize and appreciate the presence of Dr. Zishan and his wife Samantha from the UK who gave their full time in volunteering at the camp.

Above – post surgery checking of eye sight on operated patients

Joyous patients appreciating the assistance from the sponsorers and the organizers – of the Eye Camp, the Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania Eye Camp

By the grace of Allah (SWT) the trip was a successful one despite of the lack of good accommodation, electricity and lack of water at the village.

It was heartening to witness the emotions displayed by the patients once the bandages were removed as they could see and recognize their relatives around them. They hugged and danced and cried in happiness and laughter echoed everywhere.

We thank all volunteers of the Eye Camp for their tireless work and devotion in this noble and a rewarding mission.

We are grateful to the sponsorers, Beta Charitable Trust of Essex, UK and Tanzania Road Haulage (1980) Ltd. (TRH) and to all the well wishers and donors who wish to remain anonymous for their support towards the Eye Camp. May Allah (SWT) grant them good health, long life and every success in their endeavors, Ameen.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania

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