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r1Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi, the resident Aalim of Toronto Jamaat, during his recent visit to  Dar-Es-Salaam for Ashra e Zainabiyya program (10-20 Safar 1434), took a day off his busy schedule to visit the Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania head office and the Bilal Comprehensive School (BCS) complex at Temeke on 2nd January 2013.

It was a great opportunity for Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania to have had such a visit by a renowned Aalim and a Scholar.

r2At the Bilal head office, Maulana was accompanied by the Chairman of the BMMT Board, Alhaj Shabir Somji, was introduced to the newly appointed CEO of BMMT, Br. Mumtazhussein Alloo and head office staff. He was shown around the offices, including the book store. Shabir bhai briefed Maulana on the activities of the BMMT.

r3Shabir bhai also explained Maulana on the challenges it endures by the vastness of the area of BMMT activities and centres, the increased number of centres and their remoteness, the rising cost of operating and cost of maintenance of these centres vis-a-vis rising expectations amongst the adherents for more funding from Head Office.

r4Later on Maulana, accompanied by the BMMT Chairman and Br. Mumtazhussein Alloo visited the Bilal complex at Temeke where Maulana was warmly welcomed by the administrative staff of the campus and the Hawza teachers.

Maulana was shown around the campus including the Hawza classrooms, libraries, computer room, Nursery and Primary classes as well as the Teachers Training College and administration block.

r5Since the school was on vacation, the only classes in session were the new batch of students of the Hawza who recited a marthiya of Hazrat Abbas and Imam Husayn (AS).

They also praised and remembered in their duas the two founder members of BILAL, namely, Marhum Sayyid Akhtar Rizvi and Marhum Alhaj Fidahussein Hameer.

Maulana addressed the students with a beautiful piece of advice - Imam Husayn (AS), having lost Hazrat Abbas (AS), raised a call of 'Hal Min Nasireen........' Do not feel helpless at having lost the founder members, answer to the call of 'Hal Min Nasireen........' by enhancing your struggle for the Bilal Mission to continue and prosper.

Maulana led the Zohrain prayers and a group photo was later taken with him sitting on the chair which was once being used by his late father.


Towards the end of the visit the campus Administrator, Mrs Siddikabai Karim, briefed Maulana on the progress, developments and also the challenges faced at administering the complex. She requested his advice and guidance as after the late Allamah, the School looks upon him as their guide and mentor. Maulana advised them to continue with the work, with the pleasure of Allah (SWT) as their sole focus.

There are no activities without struggle or challenges, and life is full of challenges, they are those who endure the challenges and faces them with positive mindsets become successful, and the best example are in our midst those of our Aeema-e-Tahireen (AS), Islam and our Madháb have survived turbulent period, prosecution, repression because of the perseverance, struggle and determination of these Holy personalities who stood steadfast and had full faith in Allah (SWT).

The visit of the Maulana was an inspiration to the whole team of Bilal Muslim Mission of Dar Es Salaam – Tanzania and gives us an impetus to face the challenges ahead.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania

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