Ref: BMM 31 -1433

Muharram, the beginning of the Islamic New Year brings along an atmosphere of mourning and commemoration throughout the Shiite world. Unlike in other community's traditions, Shias commemorate the Islamic New Year in a unique manner, understood and comprehended by those who are aware of the tragedy that had befallen on the grandson and the family of the Holy Prophet of Islam in the plains of Kerbala, Iraq in 61 AH. A famous quote by English Historian, Edward Gibbon:

"In a distant age and climate the tragic scene of the death of Hussain will awaken the sympathy of the coldest reader." (English historian and member of parliament), [The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire]

BMM_Temeke_2The School Year Calendar was planned purposely in that the first 12 days of Muharram are utilized for reflecting and understanding the mission of Imam Husayn (AS), the time was well spent in various activities programmed for each age level.

Black flags were put up all around the campus to mark the commemoration days. There were also the azadari of Seyyedush Shohadah Imam Husayn (AS) with majlises (lectures), hadeeth al Kisaa and Marthiya/Nawha in the local language.

Each day began with assembly where some eulogy was recited for Imam Husayn (AS) along with the daily dua by Imam Sajjad Ali ibn Husayn (AS).

In the classes, students had to carry out different activities between 8:00 am and 10:00 am. The young ones were involved in colouring/join the dots/find the path in a maze, etc while others played spiritual board games/Jigsaw puzzles.

BMM_Temeke1The primary classes from 3 to 6 were involved in reading books "Msafara wa Karbala" produced by Al Mahdi Centre, Kindly donated by Br. Fazal Dewji. Reading was supervised by teachers and was followed by crossword/ word search/ fill in the blank activities on the books. The students were allowed to take home the books that they used, on the last day of School.

The students were given a short break between 10:00 and 10:30 and from 10:30 onwards the campus was split into three. The Adults; Hawza Students, teachers and support Staff gathered in Husayniya and were addressed by Shk. Hamad Jalala, pictured below.

BMM_Temeke3The younger ones went in two groups and were given lectures on various topics according to their age levels. Power point presentations were prepared to promote better understanding, and current issues were brought to the attention of Primary School level, in order to enhance the need for REFORM- this being the main theme to enhance Islamic values in the society.

BMM_Temeke4The Hawza students also participated in the Karbala Project – A Model of the Kerbala scene of the events of Ashura in the city to explain to the public viewing the project and answer questions posed by the public.

The model was prepared by the Shia Boys Scouts of KSI Jamaat of Dar es Salaam, in the city centre.


There were various other programs, documentary films on Kerbala's history and the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (AS), his family members and his companions. There was also Quiz competition for the students on Islamic history, Imam Husayn (AS) etc.

Recitation of Holy Qur'an (Hadiya) and majlis recited by Shk. Hashir concluded the Muharram program at the campus in Temeke.


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