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Temeke Campus:

Eid-e-Ghadeer was celebrated over a period of two days at Bilal Campus, Temeke, Dar es Salaam.

On Thursday, 1st November 2012, students of Primary began with Dhuhrayn prayers followed by a short stage program on Ghadeer. The program consisted of a couple of Qasidas and Poems written by the students themselves.

gha1The highlight of the program was a short practical drama that is expected to have left an impact on the youngsters' minds with a conceptual understanding of the event of Ghadeer.

Short scenes to reflect on the situations during the period of our Holy Prophet and Islam were played; the actors were the non other than the students and some teachers of the school.


The students were asked to send this message home, "What would be your responsibility to the Imam on the day of Ghadeer", stated Mrs Siddika Karim, in her concluding address.

The final message was given by teacher Yassin: 'If a layman left someone in charge of his or her responsibilities till their return was it possible for the Prophet of Islam not to have appointed anyone in his place?

gha3On Friday, 2nd of November 2012, each student was gifted with a packet of markers to carry out the activity planned for the day. Every student made either a card or a cap with the message of Ghadeer written, to take home. Some had MAN KUNTU MAWALHU... written whereas others had ALI NI MAWLA BAADA YA MTUME (SAWW) and some had a short and simple ALIYYUN MAWLAAY on their decorated items.

The messages were reflecting on Ghadeer and the event of Ghadeer-e-Qum.


The Hawza had a Milad program after maghribayn prayers to celebrate the event.

The Teachers Training students were provided with pamphlets on Ghadeer, and they were invited to ask questions. Overall, the event was celebrated with great happiness and awareness.

We thank the donor for providing the markers and Al Mahdi Centre for providing the Campus with many reading materials to be used for the day.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania

Mwanza Branch:


Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) At Ghadeer-E-Qum


To mark the auspicious occasion of Eid-e-Ghadeer, the Bilal Muslim Mission, Mwanza Branch organized tree planting activity at Manthare village located about 64 kms away from Mwanza city centre. Different species of trees were planted on Sunday, 3rd November 2012 from 9 am to 6 pm. Total 30 members from Bilal Mwanza Branch participated in this tree planting activities. A record of 1,561 trees were planted.



Sum of T.shs 1,500,000/= was spent in this exercise, this included purchase of all seedlings, planting equipments like hoes and canes, hiring of a truck, drinking water and food for the tree planters volunteers, sponsoring of live broadcast on radio city fm that will talk about the Mwanza Bilal activities including Al Ghadeer Tree Planting Project and on the event of Ghadeer-e-Qum. This radio is heard in all of the Lake Zone.

The Eid-e-Ghadeer Tree Planting project was sponsored by Beta Charitable Trust, U.K., Br. Abdul Datoo of Stanmore and Alhaj Gulamali Dhalla of Bilal Muslim Mission of Sweden.

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to all the donors, well-wishers and the volunteers for their assistance and for being supportive of many of the Bilal Muslim Mission projects.

With Salaams and Duas,

Bilal Muslim of Tanzania
Dar es Salaam. 

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