Ref: BMM 26-1433

The morning of 25th October 2012(9th DhulHijja 1433 AH) dawned a bright sunny day at the Bilal Campus. The students of Nursery, Primary and Hawza were filled with excitement as they all waited for the demonstration of the Haj rituals to begin, and later for each one to be able to view and circumbulate the Ka'aba model.

The demonstration started with teacher Yassin leading a chorus of 'Labbayk, Allahumma Labbayk', followed by a poem on the Hajj rituals in step by step order.

A small group of students, dressed in white, some in male ihrams and others in salah chadors performed the demonstration, as the poem was recited.


This was followed by an explicit but brief lecture by the administrator, Mrs Siddika Karim, on the rituals and some concepts connected to the rituals.

The most exciting part was when she invited the entire community to imagine hitting the Jamaraat thrice, after having given them a silent time of reflection on what each one needed to destroy from within.

All present said, 'Bismillah Wallahu Akbar' and pretended to hit the wall marked Jamaraat with imaginary stones.

After the lecture the whole community was given opportunity to go around the Ka'aba model, before they went to the classes.


It was a beautiful sight to see the little angels move around in groups as Muslims and Non Muslims alike, all went through the exercise, imploring the Lord for their needs after which each one sipped from the water of Zamzam.

The real feeling of Eid as returning to the Lord, and Unity with the creation, was a unanimous feeling.

The Ka'aba, a model covered in black, and depicting the Meezab, the Door, the Black Stone and the Cracked Wall.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania

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