Ref: BMM 14-1433

bmm_tanga_1This year again, like in the past few years, the Bilal Muslim Mission-Tanga branch carried out Food Ration distribution in all its centres in Tanga region for the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

The Food Ration with basic necessities were meant to reach the needy and deserving families in all our centres in good time to lessen the brunt of the current economic crisis and make their fasting as comfortable as possible.

A brief summary of food distribution is given in the table below:





Below is a summarized report of the funds that were received by Bilal Muslim Mission - Tanga Branch for the Holy month of Ramadhan – 1433 A.H., distributed as under:


Bilal Muslim Mission-Tanga branch is grateful to Africa Federation, the World Federation for the Ramadhan Relief Funds, also to all donors, well wishers, supporters (who wish to remain anonymous) and the volunteers in assisting to achieve the aim and success in the above program during the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

We pray to Allah (swt) that all the donors, well wishers, supporters and volunteers for their material and moral support are awarded amply by His grace and mercy, Ameen.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania
Dar es Salaam

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