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The Talbiyya echoed loudly in Bilal Husaiynia at Temeke on 15th of Ramadhan 1433 celebrating the birthday of our 2nd Imam, Imam Hassan Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Ta'alib (a.s.) and towards the end, the nomination for the Hajj package was announced at the function held at Bilal Husaiynia at Temeke.

bmm_hajj_2Bilal Comprehensive school, Ahlul Baiyt Teachers training centre and Hauzatul Bilal get together every year in the holy Month of Ramadhan to recognize the teacher awarded with a package to perform the pilgrimage of the House of Allah (swt) which is generously donated by Alhaj Mohamed Jaffer of Hajj Caravan. The ticket is awarded to the long serving and dedicated Teacher. This year teacher Khadija Ali was selected on the merit of her performance at Bilal Comprehensive School. We congratulate her on this achievement and pray for a safe journey and successful Hajj.

The Chairman of Africa Federation Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi attended the function along with The Hon. Secretary of AFED Alhaj Aunali Khalfan, Chairman of AFTAB, Seyed Hassan Naqvi, Chairman of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania, Alhaj Shabbir Somji and several invited guests. Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi was visibly moved and did not hold back his joy when he witnessed the talents of students from various Madressahs grasping verses of the Holy Qur'an and were able to translate and relate some of the verses to our Aeema-e-Tahireen (a.s.)

bmm_hajj_3Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi, on behalf of Africa Federation offered one Hajj package to another deserving teacher. Sheikh Amiri Kasonso, the Mudeer (Administrator) of Hauzatul Bilal was nominated and awarded with a Hajj package by the Chairman of Africa Federation.

At the same function, four (4) tickets to Ziyarat of Iraq were offered to the students who scored the highest marks in the Qur'an competition. Two tickets were sponsored by Africa Federation and one by Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi family and one by Fazal Dewji family. The students who were awarded these tickets are: Ali Shabani from Hawzat Imam Sadiq (as), Twaha Shadhili from Hawzatul Bilal, Ali Mustafa from Hawzatul Ahlulbayt and Kauther Saidi from Madrasatul Bilal.

The Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania on behalf of Bilal Campus (Temeke) wish to thank Alhaj Mohamed Jaffer Pyarali of Hajj Caravan, Al Hajj Anwarali Dharamsi and Al Hajj Fazal Dewji for their generosity and for gifting one of the most valuable gifts in life for the recipients. We would like to make a special mention of Alhaj Mohamed Jaffer Pyarali and Alhaj Anwarali Dharamsi for their continued support and encouragement to Bilal Muslim Mission.

We also wish to thank the Africa Federation for providing one Hajj package to a teacher and two Ziyarat tickets to the students of Madressahs.

These kind gestures will surely go a long way to enhance the recipients their spiritual wellbeing and will be a motivation to others to emulate them.

We pray to Allah (swt) in this holy month of Ramadhan to award amply to all the donors, well wishers, supporters and volunteers in this world and hereafter for their material and moral support in the Mission of spreading Islam and the message of Ahlul Baiyt (a.s.) far and wide.


Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania
Dar es Salaam

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