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Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania is grateful to all the donors who have contributed generously towards the Ramadhan Relief fund which was distributed to the needy and deserving families through Bilal Regional Centres throughout the country. The Mission also commends the Regional Chairmen of the Bilal Muslim Mission for having made timely distribution and reaching out to grass root levels, more reports shall be in the reports presented by the Regional Centres.

Below are presentations in a form of charts depicting the donation sources and the distributions of the Ramadhan Relief Funds and Funds for Hunger Relief and the last chart shows the Zakat-e-Fitra distributions.




The Chairman and the Executive Committee of Bilal Muslim Mission wishes to acknowledge and convey their sincere appreciation and gratitude for the generous donations and support received from the following organizations and institutions:- 

1)          The Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa

2)          The World Federation of KSI Muslim Communities

3)          Beta Charitable Trust of UK

4)          Pharmaco of UK

5)          Various donors and well wishers who wish to remain anonymous.

In these remaining blessed days of the holy month of Ramadhan, let us all together pray to Allah (swt) for His mercy, grace and forgiveness and to give us the inspiration to continue serving for His pleasure. Let us all join hands in supplication to the Almighty by His infinite mercy and grace to amply reward the donors, well-wishers and supporters in this world and hereafter for their generosity.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania
Dar es Salaam

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