Report No.066                                   Rabiul Aakhar 1438 A.H, January 2017


Starting from 2017 Bilal Muslim Mission – Tanga branch has restructured and extended duration for girls studying in Hawzat-uz-Zahra from 3 to 5 years. The new five year course will be divided into two parts i.e. Pre-Hawza studies which will be for 2 years and Hawza studies which will be for 3 years.

A total of 35 students were interviewed for Pre–Hawza studies out of which 23 were selected to join the course. The Interview was conducted by a team of teachers led by the Principal of Hawza Sayed Hassan Musawi on 25th January 2017. At present Hawzat-uz-Zahra has a total of 46 students, i.e. 38 in Pre-Hawza and 8 students in Hawza.
The Following is picture showing some students:

Hawzat-Al-Imam Qaiim (a.t.f.s.) gets a new experienced Islamic studies trainer, Sayyed Mansuri Al-Musawi from Islamic Republic of Iran. He comes from Sushi, a town in Southern Iran.
Sayyed studied in Hawzat Imam Baqir – (a.s) for six years after which he shifted to Qom Al-Muqadasa for 8 years for further studies. After his studies he returned to Shaawur town and served as Master (Mudiir) of Hawzat for five (5) years, and then as an Instructor in Qom for almost 4 consecutive years.

He is a teacher with vast experience of training large number of students from different backgrounds.
We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Sayyed and wish him all the best.
Prepared by Reporting Team
Bilal Muslim Mission, Tanga Branch

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