Bilal Comprehensive School (BSC) a section of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania marked the Muharram commemoration with majalises for different age groups in the first ashra (12 days) of Muharram 1438 A.H. The commemoration concluded with the annual Juloos (peaceful procession) on Sunday, 16th October 2016. There was a record turnout this time.

The Juloos was attended by several dignitaries and officials from various Islamic Institutions, Africa Federation and Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania, Scholars, Sheikhs, Teachers, Students and members of the public and our community members.

Several speeches were delivered on the route, with a focus on the core purpose of the walk which was to bring about awareness, build good understanding and unity amongst the Muslims and the Non-Muslim Communities and the Neighbors who joined the walk. The speakers also spoke on Imam Husayn’s divine mission and the tragic events of Karbala.      

This Juloos (Peaceful Procession) which starts from Sambwisi Street in Temeke area is an annual BCS event with a walk to Bilal campus followed by Majalis, Matam, Zohrain Salah and Nyaz.

As customary, the walk began with recitation of some verses of the Holy Qur’an, and translation followed by a pledge to the Imam of our time, Al Hujjah Al Mahdi (ATFS).

Heart breaking nawhas (poems) were recited throughout with intervals for brief messages on the way. These were delivered by Hawzatul Bilal Mudeer, Sheikh Fadhil, Sheikh Ramadhani Kwezi and Sheikh Khamisi from Kigamboni. We were honored with the presence of a prominent figure in Dar es Salaam, Sheikh Hadi Mussa (Shehe mkuu wa Mkoa), who delivered a beautiful message on Muslim unity quoting the verse from the Holy Qur’an and a famous quote on unity and brotherhood by Imam Khomeini (AR).

Leaflets were distributed on the way and to the people on local buses. The Leaflets contained messages and literature focused on Imam Husayn (AS) as a role model in various tenets of life, and the divine mission which brought him to Kerbala, Iraq.

The walk was concluded with hoisting of Imam Husayn (AS) flag on the Masjid Minaret of Bilal campus with a loud chorus in one voice in respect of Imam - LABBAYK YA HUSAYN coming from about 1700 people who gathered to witness this ceremony.

This was followed by a powerful message on oppression and a voice against oppression. The conspiracy of the tyrant Yazid bin Muawiyah bin Abi Sufiyan to kill the grandson of the Holy Prophet of Islam,  Imam Husayn (AS) and the barbaric act of the massacre of Imam, his family members and companions in the desert plains of Karbala, Iraq was eloquently explained.

Sheikh Dr. Murtadha Alidina elaborated with several quotes of the verses from the Holy Qur’an and its application to our lives and how to defend against oppression and inhumanity in following the footsteps of Imam Husayn (AS) and his mission of Islah to reform the people towards good and forbidding evil.  

After a brief break for refreshments Sheikh Hemed Jalala read the maswaib from Maqtal for the ladies and gents when the school students were in their classes answering quiz questions prepared from the lectures delivered during the days of azaa. This was followed by salah and nyaz for all.

Prepared by: Bilal Comprehensive School Administration, Temeke


19th October 2016
17th Muharram 1438

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