The Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanga (BMM Tanga) commemorated the Death Anniversary of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) by organizing a peaceful march on 11th December 2015 (28th Safar 1437) in collaboration with the Ahlul Bayt Charitable Foundation and Sayyid Shuhada Foundation of Mikanjuni – Tanga. The procession which was attended by hundreds of people from all around Tanga started from the Bilal Headquarters on Street No. 5 and ended at the Ahlul Bayt Charitable Foundation Headquarters on Street No. 20. Throughout the procession short messages were given out with regards to the purpose of the procession. Pamphlets were also distributed to those who were present during the procession.

BMM Tanga also conducted three consecutive majlises with Nyaaz to commemorate the death anniversary of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) at its Headquarters in Tanga. Majlises were also conducted at Duga and Mwembeni centres.


BMM Tanga carries out Health Screening and Donates Wheelchairs
BMM Tanga organized health screening for its members both male and female at the Bilal Headquarters on Saturday 14th of November 2015. A total of 32 members benefited from this screening which included checking of BP, RBG (blood glucose), weight and general consultation. BMM Tanga is highly grateful to Doctors Mr. and Mrs. MohamedRamzan Sachedina for voluntarily assisting in making this screening possible.

BMM Tanga donated two wheelchairs during the commemoration of Death Anniversary of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) on Thursday 10th December 2015 at the Tanga Regional Referral Hospital. The beneficiaries were Emily Masumbuko – an 11 year old girl from Maramba Tanga who suffers from congenital defect of legs, her mother use to carry her since she was born. The other was Fahad – 29 year old boy who suffers from spinal injury since 2013. Fahad is a street boy and has no one to look after him.  The doctors told our team which was headed by the Chairman of BMM Tanga branch that Fahad can recover from this injury if he gets further treatment. Bilal Tanga has pledged to assist in his treatment.

Once again BMM Tanga is very thankful to Dr. MohamedRamzan Sachedina for facilitating this event.  

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