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A two month course on continuous professional development was conducted for 16 Mubaligheen from 5 different regions of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania. They included 5 ladies and 11 gents who participated in the program.
The Seminar was conducted to improve and enhance the Mubaligheen’s abilities and skills so that they may incorporate effective teaching methodology to effectively propagate the Madh-hab of AhlulBayt (a.s).

The subjects taught were:

  • Qurán & Tajweed
  • Fiqh & Shubuhaat
  • Teaching methodology
  • Basic life Skills.

The facilitators during the training were:

  1. Syed Arif Ali Naqvi (Head of Tabligh - BMMT)
  2. Sheikh Bakari Mbelango
  3. Sheikh Abdinoor
  4. Sister. Iffet Thawer (Hon. Secretary - BMMT)

The scholars presented their skills of teaching methodology and how best to deliver Ahlul Bayt’s (as) message in the villages with practical approach of their practice of Islam as taught by the Holy Prophet (s) and his Ahlul Bayt (as).

This upgrading program for Mubaligheen is one of the priorities of BMMT in order to get productive results from the efforts with the blessings of ALLAH (S.W.T).  During the sessions one of the important aspects covered extensively was the practical implementations of the daily FIQH laws.
Question & Answer on various other topics were also covered including the theological aspect known as AQAED.
Emphasis to maintain harmony and goodwill with all the faiths in their regions was stressed.

During the seminar period, mubaligheen also visited Iranian Culture Center – Where they visited the library availing themselves with reference books like Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Tirmidhi and other religious books.
They were warmly welcomed by the Head of the Culture Center Sheikh Ali Baqheri who also advised on how effective Tabligh can be done being united as one Muslim Ummah.
Mubaligheen also visited K.S.I.J-Cemetery to pay their respects to Marhum Allamah Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi and Marhum Fidahussein Hameer, who were the pioneers of Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania.


Various dignitaries were present at the closing ceremony which included Agha Sayyid Shahidi of Jamiatul Mustafa, Dr. Murtadha Alidina, Alhaj Murtaza Jivraj (Kerbala) - past BMMT Chairman, Haji Saheb and Haji Murtaza Sikiladha from WIPAHS, BMMT Board members and others were present to witness the Closing Ceremony.
We extend our appreciation to all our donors and well wishers for their good support which made this Seminar possible, May ALLAH (S.W.T) grant them all more Tawfiqaat in their endeavors to continue supporting in the development of human resources.
Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania
P.O. Box 20033, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Tel: +255 22 2120111 – 2122419

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