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On a written request by the M.P. of Ruangwa, Hon. Kassim Majaliwa to conduct eye camp during Christmas Holidays, an Eye Camp was setup at Ruangwa Primary School from 25th to 28th December 2014.

The free Eye Camp was arranged by Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania and sponsored by Beta Charitable Trust of Essex U.K where blood pressure and sugar level were also checked.

The optometrists were Juma Kassim and his team and the pharmacists were Safia Bharwani and Asif Walji.

Much illness in Ruangwa is caused by lack of sufficient clean water supply, where the environment is also very dusty which causes various eye ailments.

The dedication of the entire team during the camp was exceptionally good and this enabled the surgeries to be done with more confidence and comfort which were carried out by the Dr. S. D. Njau and his team

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania also assisted local community with second hand clothes, children were given stationeries and also gifts for teachers.

The school's huge water tank was rehabilitated with a new pipeline and a cemented roof.  Now the students will not need to carry water from home for school cleanliness including washrooms.
Classrooms with potholes were cemented and desks and tables were also repaired by the Eye camp team.

There were many who were blind for more than two years and could now see.  A total of 203 eyes were operated with success. Thanks to Allah (SWT) and the efforts by the doctors who performed the surgeries for restoring their eye sights. May He accept our efforts and give us tawfiq to do more in coming years. (Aameen)
Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania appreciates the contribution of Beta Charitable Trust for sponsoring the Ruangwa Eye Camp, also we are very grateful for the noble work done by Doctors, Nurses, Hospital staffs together with the Eye Camp volunteers and support staffs for their outstanding services.
We appreciate Tanzania Road Haulage Ltd for always supporting the camps with transportation as well as Alhaj Anverbhai Alibhai and Mama Keki for their efforts in the success of the Eye Camp.
Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania
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