In response to a request from the Mafia MP, Hon. Shah, the Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania held free eye camp at Kilindoni, Mafia Island, from 21st to 23rd November 2014. The eye camp and cataract surgeries were kindly sponsored by Beta Charitable Trust, Essex, U.K.
The camp was held at Kilindoni Primary School and the surgeries were carried out at Mafia Regional Hospital, Kilindoni.

Simultaneously a diabetic camp and Blood Pressure (BP) check was conducted at Kilindoni Primary School by Sophie Ilondo, Beatrice Paul Mhango, Mary Nglumbu, Elizabeth Liwozo and Athuman Saidi which was supported by Dr. Swai from the Ministry of Health and Dr. Kaushik Ramaiya of Hindu Mandal Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

Those who were diagnosed with diabetics and abnormal BP received medication and were educated on their control. Dr. Swai volunteered to make a follow up visit to Mafia to review the cases.

A total of 1181 people were screened, 615 units of medicine were prescribed, 1016 glasses and 76 sunglasses were distributed free of charge.  A total of 1387 diseased were diagnosed.
Below is the statistics of Mafia Island free eye camp

The optometrists who screened the patients were Salvata Tarimo, Rukia Marika, Juma Kassim, Goodlucky Mwakyoma, Aisha Majala, Ruwaida S. Mabrouk, Eric Tarimo, and Leonard Machange.
The Pharmacists who were at the camp were Mrs. Sofia Bharwani and Dr. Siddika Ismail.

Dr. Njau and his team performed 64 cataract surgeries successfully and Dr. Yasin Mwichande, District Eye Coordinator, was to review the surgeries on given dates of appointments.

The Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania free eye/diabetic camp at Mafia was blessed   with a day’s visit by some philanthropists namely: 


  • Mr. & Mrs. Asgher Bharwani
  • Mr. & Mrs. Fidahussein Rashid
  • Mr. Mustafa Rashid
  • Mr. Mustafa Chandoo
  • Mr. Aseif Walji
  • Mr. Naushad Simba
  • Mr. Gulam Bhimani
  • Professional Photographer Hanif Satchu.
  • Dr. Swai of Misnistry of Health
  • Dr. Kaushik Ramaiya of Hindu Mandal (visited to support the diabetic team)

Volunteers who served in the Eye Camp were Aly Saidi, Nurdin Kanji, Mushtak Fazal, Nooral Ayn Shariff, Batul Rashid, Samira Hashimu, Hussein Shariff, Zakia Murji, Sadik Merali, Asger Manji, Hamida Manji, Mohamed Jessa, Jaffer Somji, Mohamedraza Janmohamed, Chirag Walji, Musa Bakari Hassani Ali Jivraj and Mama Keki.
Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania assisted the Kilindoni Primary School with electricity wiring and also repaired and fixed more than 100 desks which needed repairs. With this gesture, the students will benefit from electricity and be able to study comfortably in their classes.
Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania wishes to express its profound appreciation to the BETA CHARITABLE TRUST of Essex, U.K. for sponsoring the Eye Camp. We also wish to thank the Doctors, volunteers and all those who made this camp a big success.
We extend our thanks the Mafia DMO, Doctor in Charge, Theatre Nurses and Technicians, and other Nurses who were available all the time to serve the patients.
Our special thanks to the District Commissioner, CPO, and other Government officials who were very helpful in all fields. We also thank the police for providing the support ensuring the safety and security of our equipment at the school.
The Headmaster Mr. Stephen Emmanuel Mlobi and his assistant Mr. Arnold George Litimba cooperated fully during our camping for which we are very grateful.
Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania is very grateful to Capt. Munawar Dhirani, Director of Flightlink Air Charters Ltd. for providing complimentary a 30 seater aircraft for transportation of the entire Eye Camp team to Mafia. Also thanks goes to Mrs. Neila Shah (the wife of Hon. MP) who was continuously with the team and provided with transport facilities and accommodation in Mafia.

Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania remarks the tremendous noble work done by mama Keki and Alhaj Anver Bhai Merali and his entire team.
May Allah (S.W.T) reward them abundantly here and hereafter.
Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania
P.O. Box 20033, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Tel: +255 22 2120111 – 2122419 

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