Mahe Muharram, the first month of Islamic calendar whereby we the follower of Ahlul Bayt (a.s) start with grief and commemorate the tragedy of Kerbala and mourn for the grandson of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) Aba Abdillahil Hussein (a.s) and his companion who sacrificed their life to save Islam, the Islam which Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) left for his Ummah.

BMMT has propagated the message of Martyrs of Kerbala by commemorating in its various centers in different ways so that the message of the sacrifice in saving Islam reaches to suburbs of Tanzania.

Regular Majalis and special Ladies Darsah

This year BMMT trained and gave special seminar to Mubaligha prior to Muharram and sent them to the different centers that includes Mboga, Msata, Lushoto, Mtama, Dimba, Newala, Rukoma, Ilagala and Katumbi specially for our ladies who had requested the Head quarters for their need of Fiqh Masaels.


Therefore our ladies to these centers benefited Majalis and Fiqh Darsah during this Ayyame Aza.
Daily Majalis, Tabarruk & Nyaz at BMMT centers
Despite of challenges of serving all centers with Tabarruk and Nyaz on time, BMMT made sure that all its center are facilitated in order to commemorate and mourn in Ashra e Muharram.


Blood Donation

From North to South & East to West of Tanzania, Bilal community where ever was possible, participated fully in donating their Blood in the name of Imam Hussein (a.s) to the Tanzania Blood Bank to save lives of the citizens of Tanzania with high regard to Humanity and Mankind spreading teachings and lessons taught from the event of Kerbala.

Posting of Muballighs to centers:
Our Muballighs had the opportunity to deliver their experience, information and knowledge to other centers and so the members of the community were blessed with the thought provoking lectures with different topics on current issues. Sheikh Iddi Tibaijuka from Singida was posted to Muleba and also served the Karutanga center, Sheikh Khamis Mussa from D’Salaam was posted to Nshamba, Sheikh Bakari Mbelango from D’Salaam was posted to Ikwiriri, Sheikh Jaffer Juma and Sheikh Hussein Zuber from Tanga posted to Udoe and Temeke while other centers interchanged their Muballighs which were located nearby.

Distribution of religious books and Islamic Calendars:
BMMT is reviving the distribution system and started republishing books especially those which were under Bilal and written/compiled by Marhum Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi and other scholars.
Approximately 3000 books are reprinted and out of it 1502 were distributed during Muharram. Maombolezo ya Ashura, Haja ya Dini, Utume, Shia na Hadithi, Kanuni za Ibada ya Kiislamu, Bibi mwenye Nuru (Fatima), Risalatul Huquq, Usul-fikihi, familia katika Uislamu, muhimu wa Hijabu are few books to mention.
BMMT also distributed “Sauti ya Bilal”, Bilal publication and Islamic calendars as one of the ways to promote the message of the tragedy of Kerbala.
Juloos procession with Peace and Unity:
Thousands of lovers of Aba Abdillahil Hussein (a.s) came out with a peaceful demonstration at various centers showing their awareness protesting the tragedy of Kerbala. Some centers decided to unite collectively to a central point to show their unity and love.
In Mwanza neibouring centers Manthare, Malya, Kisesa kona, Shishiyu and all the way from Musoma, mo’mineen gathered in Mwanza city and walked together with a grand Juloos on the Day of Ashura.

Likewise in Kigoma, followers of Ahlul Bayt (a.s) from Mwanga, Gungu, Kaseke, Kasulu, Buzebazeba, Nyamhoza and from other nearby centers gathered in more than 1500 participants and marched from Ujiji on their way to Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Masjid further reached to the central market and again back to Ujiji.
All these Juloos procession took place during day time.
Similarly other centers like Tanga & its branches, Lushoto, Moshi, Newala, Ikwiriri and Temeke also commemorated with a peaceful eye-catching Juloos.
Other outdoor activities:
A lot of activities have been carried out in keeping alive the Husainiyat motto and propagated in many ways that include

  • T-Shirts printing
  • Fliers
  • banners with messages
  • Sponsored Radio programs.
  • BMMT with their Mubalighs also joined hands with Dar Tabligh in explaining and replying to questions which public had inquired at Kerbala project and Q&A stores during Juloos.


At Katumbi and Kigogwe (Kigoma Region) Mo’mineen came forward with their own efforts to start a Madrassah block to their capacity in the name of Imam Hussein (a.s) for their children in their respective centers. Our fellow followers of Ahlul Bayt (a.s) need our support for completion.
Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania expresses its gratitude to all members of its centers to collaborate in commemorating and spreading the message of Aba Abdillahil Hussein (a.s). Special recognition and thanks to WF, AFED & CBB for their guidance and to all the donors and well-wishers for their outstanding support in assisting in one way or the other to accomplish Mission’s goal during this Holy month of Muharram.
Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania
P.O. Box 20033, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Tel: +255 22 2120111 – 2122419

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