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To promote the Madhab of Ahlul Bait (a.s.) with other non-member Shia communities and with Muslims and non-Muslims at large in Kenya



To mark the birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w), Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya organized a grand function on 18th January 2014 at the Bilal Hall, Mombasa.

The function attracted Muslims from all corners of Mombasa and its environs including madaaris.

Qaswida were recited by students from Madrasah Shamsiya, Madressah Imam Zianul Abideen (as) and Madressah Amirul Mumineen Matuga. Barzanji was recited by Mohamed Sheiba and Athman Akber.


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Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya invites applications from Female community members for the Post of:

Administrative Assistant 

Do you have:

  • Suitable qualification in Management / Administration
  • Knowledge and skills in use of Computers Applications.
  • Skills in preparing Proposals, Reports and Presentations.
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Good communication skills
  • Website updating skills and Media knowledge as an added advantage
  • Urge to be of service to Islam

If your answer is YES to above then forward your application with detailed CV and copies of your certificates / professional qualification to:

Hon. Secretary 
Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya
P.O.Box 82508-80100
Mombasa - Kenya

Applications may be delivered to Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya- Secretariat. 

The applications should be submitted before 31st January 2014

Successful candidate will be suitably remunerated.

BMM K Secretariat


Economic Upliftment

Business Management Training 

Module 2 at Shimoni


In November 2013, the second Module 2 – Business Management training was conducted for Khadijatul Qubra Women Group at Shimoni by Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya.  The module was held for 6 days from 25th November 2013 to 30th November 2013.   The training was facilitated by Sis Sidi Nyota and Sis Kauchi Chifui.

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"Every container becomes tightly packed with what is put in it, except for the container of knowledge, for surely it expands."  - Imam Ali (as)


In the effort to continue to increase and spread the understanding of Islamic and Ahlul Bayt (a.s) teachings to the youths, the Mission conducted its second Holiday Class during the Annual Vacation from school at Madrassah Amirul Muuminiina, Matuga.

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BMM K - DI 1

BMM K - DI 2

On 28th November 2013, students of Egerton University, Njoro, visited Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya to attend a Seminar cum exhibition on Discover Islam. he students were from the Department of Philosophy, History and Religion from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. They were accompanied by Dr. Onyancha , Chairman and Mr. Macharia Mwangi , Senior lecturer.  

The students were taken through an exhibition of posters on “Discover Islam”. The seminar was opened by the recitation of a verse from the Holy Qur’an.

The first paper ‘Islam as a Religion and Islamic Attitude to other Religions’ was delivered by Sheikh Stambuli Abdillahi Nassir. In his captivating presentation, Stambuli described Islam as the only religion that recognizes the other two major religions namely Judaism and Christianity.

In his second paper - Jihad, Islam and Terrorism, Sheikh Stambuli defined Jihad in its right context. He categorized Jihad in two forms; major and minor jihad as described by the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w). He described major Jihad as striving to remain on the right path. Minor jihad he said is to fight in defense.


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