“Invite people (towards Islam), make them happy and do not bring about distaste and aversion,and make things easy for them and not harsh and difficult"
Prophet Muhammed (SAWW)

Salaamun alaikum,

All praise is to the Almighty who endowed us with the Tawfiqat in conveying the message of Islam through various activities in the year 2013.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) delivered a Message that was for the entire mankind. Therefore, it is duty bound for every individual to spread this message in the best possible means to the masses.

Highlights of the areas that have been covered in the attached annual report and below video link :

  • Propagation of the religion of Islam
  • Continuous Professional Development Seminars
  • Education
  • Gender Empowerment
  • Construction

The Mission would like to assure Mumineen of continued commitment in propagating the religion of Islam through education and economic empowerment of our Shia brethren.

The various tasks undertaken towards the spiritual and temporal welfare of the community has been made possible as a result of dedicated and devoted services of many individuals and the moral and material support received from the Community at large.  Their continued support is highly appreciated.

May Allah (S.W.T) reward them generously.

The Mission looks forward to your support to continue its activities during the year 2014.
Abbas H M Nasser
Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya 

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